World Of Tanks? More Like World Of Dicks

World of Tanks? More Like World of Dicks

Online game World of Tanks pulls out some big guns in its latest Japanese commercial.

The ad asks, "Do you like cannons?" The Japanese word for cannon (大砲 or taihou) can be used to refer to dicks. But we're not talking about dicks here, right? Just cannons. That's all.

World of Tanks? More Like World of Dicks


    Shouldn't they be drawing a giant blurred out tentacle?

      no, they don't have to blur out the tentacle, that's one of the reasons why tentacles

    Strange? The first animated .gif shows half a second frame of that guys huge cannon? Yet in the vid, nothing? Different?

    EDIT: Oh wait, I see it in the vid now. And its actually a shot of his leg/knee.

    Last edited 17/09/15 11:45 pm

      That's his knee

        I made an edit about an hour and a half after you posted.

        Last edited 18/09/15 9:30 am

    I'm assuming WG made the commercial due to the newly released Japanese Heavy tank line.

    But haha, love the way that the word cannon can be taken one way or the other.

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