Wrestling's Greatest Moments In Video Game Form

Wrestling is built on moments: surprise finishes to matches, insane drama, heel turns. For that reason so many of these moments live long in our memories.

What if those memories were combined with something else we all seem to be nostalgic about?

Something like... old video games?

WrestlingArcade is a super interesting twitter account. It essentially posts animated recreations of wrestling moments as if they took place in a 16-bit video game. They look incredible.

Moments like the time Shawn Michaels threw his tag team partner through a glass window, or the time Jake 'The Snake' Roberts made his snake bit Macho Man Randy Savage. Those moments are burned into y memory. Seeing them recreated in the style of the games I was playing at the time? It seems fitting.

But it's not just moments from that era. WrestlingArcade also covers moments from the 'Attitude Era ', starring folks like Stone Cold and The Rock.

I love this stuff. It's the absolute best.


    How about when Triple H tried to piledrive Stephanie McMahon through the anounce table and her "assets" popped out.

    Oh you so crazy 90's wrestling!

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