You Have One Week Left To Earn That Cool Limited Destiny Emblem

You've Got One Week Left To Earn That Cool Limited Destiny Emblem

A quick reminder, in case you have a few gold chests left to find. A little while back, Bungie announced that all year-one Destiny players who complete a series of challenges in the game would earn an exclusive emblem that they could lord over all the rookies who'll join up when the Taken King expansion comes out in September.

The emblem looks like this:

You've Got One Week Left To Earn That Cool Limited Destiny Emblem

The challenges need to be completed by September 9, which is a little over a week away. Here's a full list:

  1. Reach max level

  2. Beat the Black Garden mission
  3. Prevent the summoning of Crota's soul (finish The Dark Below's story missions)
  4. Capture Skolas (finish House of Wolves' story missions)
  5. Beat Skolas in the Prison of Elders
  6. Beat Atheon on hard difficulty
  7. Beat Crota on hard difficulty
  8. Finish 50 public events
  9. Win 100 crucible matches
  10. Get all 20 golden chests (five per planet)

Most of those are no problem, and hopefully you've knocked out most of yours already. If you haven't completed one or two of them and you want the emblem, better get moving.

While some players might spend this weekend grinding out 100 Crucible wins (godspeed) or beating Crota on hard (it's easy now), I'm guessing most people will only have one of two things left to do: Defeating Skolas and getting all of the gold chests.

Good news on that first one: This week, Skolas's modifiers are pretty forgiving. There's Catapult, which gives you faster grenade recharge, and Angry, which makes it impossible to stagger enemies. I beat him with those modifiers a couple of weeks ago and it was totally doable. (Basically, there's no Lightswitch, so you'll be fine.)

As for the chests, there are a ton of resources for finding them all around the internet. This one at is solid. I knocked out all the chests in an hour or so a little while back, and it was mostly painless. Kind of fun, even!

You can check your progress at, and when you're done, you'll get a notification that you have Become Legend™.

You've Got One Week Left To Earn That Cool Limited Destiny Emblem

Congrats! You did it. You've "achieved the tagline", as we say in the biz. You can now stop playing Destiny forever.


    Sorted a couple of weeks ago. Still baffled how I got the Crucible one as I don't recall spending much time in there apart from when I was doing the bounty for Bad Juju but I don't care.

    Will spend tonight trying to help the last couple of laggards in our group get their chests ticked off and find them some Skolas partners... :D

      It's 'bugged'. You get 6 points for just playing a round. Don't even need to win.

      Chests are easy contrary to the article. Skolas is a bitch.

    "Angry" is a forgiving modifier? I find Lightswitch much easier to deal with, personally - if something charges at you, say a major knife-captain, you can stop it in its tracks with a few shots (esp. combined with Small Arms). No such solution in Angry - you have to focus it down before it reaches your group, or move to your next rally point; anything else will usually get someone killed.

    Get all 20 golden chests (five per planet)

    Moon isn't actually a planet... It should say "(five per destination)".

    It is eating at me but i don't see myself completing the hard raids. I've done a shittonne of everything else but i've been unsure about everything to do with raids as i've always been a time-poor solo gamer. Oh well, lol at (!woe is) me.

      Sone of my hang ups with Destiny all come back to the fact i've never had a game before that i've needed to research outside of the game.

    Yuck. I've knocked a few of these on the head, and most of the ones left looks achievable - but I've only done FIVE public events! I'm not spending the next week trying to chase public events just to get an emblem ...

    ... well, that's a lie. That's exactly what I'll be doing.

      Check out

      The events usually start about six minutes after the timer reaches zero. I found that the Earth was the best place to do public events.

        Was just going to suggest the same thing! That site is quite accurate, and on moon or earth you can clean them up quite easily :)

      Dude, I was in the same boat, all I did was crank some tunes, make some nachos and have the public event tracker open on my laptop in front of me.

        Sweet. I just downloaded the App - does it take long to smash through them?

          I found the app was not all that accurate, so just watch that. The website is correct 99% of the time though, the app for me at least, didn't work at all :(

            It's accurate. Most people just don't know how to use it.

            PEs are RNG (random number generated) so it is impossible to make an accurate schedule.

            However, PEs arrive in a fairly regular interval. There is about a 6 minute window, calculated by crowd sourced data. (+ or - 3 minutes from the mean).

            You need to get to the destination before the timer hits 0. And then you need to stay in that area for the next 6 minutes or until the PE start. If you get to the area after the timer hits 0, there is a chance that you may have missed it. If the timer expires after -6 minutes and the event hasn't started, you probably missed it, so it'll be wise to move to the next area.

            Stick to doing the "Green" PEs as they are more regular than "orange" and "red".

            Also, there are events that are classified as PEs on that website, which aren't technically PEs, such as "band of pikes" (e.g. Forgotten Shores) and "war breaking out" (Skywatch), so avoid going to those locations as you could be wasting your time if these events start.

            (I've done about 1200 Public Events)

            Last edited 03/09/15 11:25 am

              Yeah, that was exactly what I done. Out of the 6 or 7 I went to, none showed up, and I waited until the disapeared from the list. Went to the website, and they all worked.
              Who knows why it didn't work lol

          Combine them with doing other bounties, and it's easy to stay interested. :)

    Anyone want to help me beat Skolas? 34 Titan. No experience.. Flick me a message if your keen.

    Pass. I took a look at the requirements a month ago and thought about it, but it all looked like a giant chore, and I don't have enough free time to waste my precious gaming on something that's a chore. Haven't done any of the hard-mode stuff, and haven't even PLAYED since the disappointment of TDB.

    This clearly makes me not hardcore enough to have been there in the beginning. Which is fair enough: it is YEAR one, not DAY one. I'll always have my digital collector's edition ghost skin to show off my incredibly poor purchasing decision.

    One more golden chest on Mars, and about 13 more public events... on the home stretch now :) I had completed most of them already which was lucky :)

    Shame, just don't have the time this week to try and even attempt this. Oh well, I'll guess I'll go in to year 2 as a pleb.

    Crota and Atheon on hard mode left for me. Will be trying over weekend I reckon. Finally did Skolas last night. That was all about communication and lack of beer drinking. Seriously, by the time I touched my beer again it was warm. Need a hands free device or Homer-esque IV drip!

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