20 Minutes With This Brand New Star Wars: Battlefront Map

Sick of seeing the same old Battlefront gameplay on the same old Star Wars: Battlefront maps?

I'm guessing no but, just in case you were, here's 20 minutes of a new Battlefront map. And a new Battlefront mode!

The map is called Sullust and the mode is Drop Zone. Drop Zone seems to be a little big like a Counter-Strike/King of the Hill style mode in that you have to 'activate' a base and then defend it. It's probably the least Star Wars-y map yet. It doesn't really take place on a place that's instantly recognisable like Hoth or Endor. Still, looking good.

There seems to be a lot of new videos out there of the game in action...


    This looks great at 60fps. Definitely getting a new gpu for this (R9 390X maybe?).

    Shame we don't know what planet this is on. I hope there's an Akiva map!!

      It's Sullust... says it in the video oh and the start of the article, it's the homeworld of the monkey looking people, you know Landos first mate in Uhh return of the jedi?

        The Sullustan? haha

        I sped read text and listed without audio >_< oops

    I'm assuming this is PC version gameplay? Cause if that's PS4/XBone, then... awesome

    I'm so glad the person who made these videos realises that barely anyone cares what they have to say and don't want live commentary. Too many videos of this game with commentary over the top that takes away from the experience. (IGN Hoth video is an amazing example of how to ruin it)

    But now I can enjoy the sound design and take it all in properly and boy do I appreciate that. Shows real awareness of their audience. Apologies for the tiny rant but I'm just happy some people recognise what first looks should be like. A little tiny bit of info then gameplay with no interruptions.

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      I can't stand commentary, it's so uncannily narcissistic - I don't get how people show their faces in public after being so transparent.

    Its almost 2016 and the console players only just beginning to understand how important 60fps is. Better late than never.

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    I think the planet is called Sullust and I may be wrong but I think its where the empire produce AT-AT and AT-ST walkers.

    heh he heh heh


    Sullust was the staging area for the Rebel fleet prior to attacking the Death Star 2 at Endor. During the Clone Wars the Banking Clan held sway over the planet.

    At least they maintained the rocky/caldera surface described in most sources on the world. Looking forward to the open beta in a couple of weeks. Not looking forward to it being done through Origin

    gotta say not really that impressed with the lack of class selection and the infinate ammo and whats looks like a bolt action rifle for 1 shot sniping

      i..... was sooooooooooo bored watching that.........

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