22 Minutes Of Dark Souls III Looking Like Dark Souls

And trust me, that is a good thing.

Dark Souls III had a 'stress test' over the weekend, and that provided a certain lucky few with the chance to play through select areas of Dark Souls III. Surprise! It looks really good. It also looks a lot like Dark Souls.

It's crazy just how attached I am to the smallest details of Dark Souls as a series. Just the sound it makes when you enter a new area — you know the one. That's enough to set me off an a nostalgia trip. That game got me good. It got me real good.

I like the above footage because it's very real and full of the dumb I'll be doing when I first play Dark Souls III. Well worth a watch.


    If Dark Souls was made by EA everyone would be bitching about how they release the same game year in year out without upgrading anything...

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      If EA made a game that was as good as the Souls series then I'd be fine with them releasing the same game year in year out.

      A quick search tells me it's:
      - Demon's Souls: 2009
      - Dark Souls: 2011
      - Dark Souls II: 2014
      - Dark Souls III: 2016
      #3 is quite soon, otherwise that's pretty much the schedule that people have been suggesting for big series for ages e.g. Assassin's Creed (yes, I know that's not EA).

      I have to admit I'm personally starting to get bored with the recycling in the Souls series. Now, if they mixed in a bunch of Dragon's Dogma DNA then I would be very much excited for that. Bitter Black Isle was great to run through from the moment it opens (ie. Lowest level possible), and climbing over things is just fun in general.

        loved DD, kinda gutted they making it DD: Online, if ESO is anything to go by.

          Did you know DD is coming to PC in January 2016? I'm excited to play it the first time!

        But the problem with Soul series is, you can't get bored with it. Every encounter is different and it can be very unexpected. Same enemy that is a piece of cake can just rape you the next time you see it with no change of difficulty. Probably the main reason people doesn't get enough of the Soul series.

        I found DSII to be a bit lacking as it got further in. The postgame content was a big step up from DS, but in general the combat wasn't as good and the level/creature/boss design just wasn't up to par.

        Bloodborne felt like such a breath of fresh air. I hope DSIII has a lot of Bloodborne in it and not just really slow combat against 300 types of dudes in armour.

          Yeah, i hear ya.

          I finished Dark Soul: PTD Edition and did newgame plus a few weeks ago and i am about half way through DS2..... It just isn't the same. Many little advantages and disadvantages over the original, i just liked DS1 better overall though it is still enjoyable.

          I look forward to eventually playing Bloodbourne and DS3 though! =D

          I also hear ya. Loved DS but felt a bit ripped off with DS2. I pre-ordered it too. I will definitely wait for reviews for souls games after 2. Demon's Souls was also awesome to me, fyi.

    Man that was painful to watch. Someone spending 5 minutes flicking through menu options and just staring at the character selection screen THEN when they get into the game they jump back into the options menu....

    Also whoever is playing is horrible at Dark Souls. After the first crossbow man takes a shot at him and he rolls off the edge I couldn't keep watching.

      I was thinking the same thing but still somehow managed to watch 15 minutes of it. Extremely painful to watch and he didnt even hit the dragons once to see what would happen lol.
      That would be the first thing I would have done hit the dead dragon lol.

        It's gotten to the point where I'm thinking maybe I should look into streaming or getting involved in gaming journalism. I have 2 degrees (Arts/English and Teaching) and I can pick up a video game for the first time and not look like I've never played a video game before. Some of these streamers remind me of Anita Sarkeesian... They've just jumped on a band wagon that they're not actually passionate about.

    Looks exactly the same like... exactly. I just wana play E3 Darksouls.

    I'm interested to see what post Bloodborne darksouls will be like to play.

    I also should finish dark souls 2... maybe the ps4 version is cheaper now

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