8 Minutes Of Horizon: Zero Dawn Gameplay

It's amazing what robot dinosaurs will do to a human being's hype levels. It doesn't make sense.

But it is what it is and Horizon: Zero Dawn has instantly jumped to my most wanted list.

Robot. Dinosaurs. This is roughly eight minutes of footage from Paris Games Week, where Sony unveiled new gameplay footage and a goddamn robot T-Rex. I'm quietly excited for this one.


    I was all ready to buy this...

    Until I realized it was a PS4 exclusive. Way to step on my dreams, Sony.

      PS4 is fairly cheap atm

        Yeah, but PC master race.

          How's that PC master race treating you with games like this being released on console only?

            You're right, let me weep into my huge pile of RTS and MOBA and MMO games that, even if they get released onto consoles, play like crap.

              that only matters though if you enjoying playing that game type.

                Yes well, I'd rather have the option of playing all genres of games than get access to a couple of console-exclusive titles.

    More like 5 mins of the guy interrupting the gameplay.

    Still, looks pretty awesome

    Hadn;t really seen anything about this game, and then i saw a few announcements about it recently and thought I should check it out.
    After watching this, well nothing like what I was expecting (going off the title alone, I was expecting some kind of sci-fi FPS like Halo or something), but I am super keen to check it out on release now! Really looks to have a Monster Hunter vibe, which is great in my books!

    I'm just happy to see Guerilla trying something new. I loved the first 3 Killzone's, but it was feeling pretty tired by the time Shadow Fall came along. Good idea to give it a rest and try something different. I just hope Santa Monica do the same rather than churning out another God of War.

      God of War 4 has been announced. Fingers crossed its as good as gow3 and not like ascension.

    Really hope they nail the combat and RPG elements. Looks like and amazing game.

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