A Few Quick Tips For Folks Playing The Star Wars Battlefront Beta

A Few Quick Tips For Folks Playing The Star Wars Battlefront Beta

Today, the public beta for Star Wars Battlefront starts at 1PM EST for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Many of you will want to play it straight, as you would any other first-person shooter. But Battlefront is not like most shooters!


In most shooters, when you see an enemy, you take a second to aim down the scope/zoom in — that way, you can make sure the shot actually lands. Most games grant you a small bonus in accuracy, lack of recoil, and so on, whenever you stop to aim down the sights. Battlefront is a little different, as YouTuber jackfrags explains below:

In Battlefront, you don’t gain much of an advantage when you aim down the sights. Instead, you lose a second that you could have used to shoot, and your character slows down to boot. It’s actually more beneficial to shoot enemies right away, even if you’re running around/jetpacking, since your aim will more or less be the same as when you stand still and aim down the sights. Jackfrags says he spoke to a weapon designer in the game, who confirmed this information.

I tested it out myself, and found that I could kill enemies way more efficiently if I followed his advice. Hell, I straight up doubled my K/D thanks to this tip. It almost seemed to me that the game grants you extra aim assist when you don’t zoom in, but it may just be that hip fire automatically shoots from the center of the screen instead of being off-center, as most games would do it.


To go along with all this, it also helps if you play Battlefront third-person. Now, I realise this will be a preference thing, but personally, I like that third-person mode gives you a better field of vision — and it can also make it easier to get into the habit of shooting right away instead of aiming down the sights. On PS4, you hold down on the D-Pad to activate it, if that helps.


Finally! Let’s talk about playing Walker Assault On Hoth. I won’t mince words here: it’s actually harder to be on the Rebel side than it is being the Empire. Empire is straightforward; they almost always win. Rebels on the other hand have to take down AT-ATs, something which is practically impossible unless you’re playing the objective (and even then, it’s pretty damn hard.) Helpfully, GameSpot outlines the big things you need to do to win as Rebels in the video below:


  • it also helps if you play Battlefront third-person


    Actually, all I want to know is if it plays like the first two games or is closer to Battlefield.

    • I can’t speculate too much on the original Battlefront games, but from a Battlefield perspective it’s much closer to Bad Company 2 than any of the core Battlefield games.

    • I think it feels closer to Battlefield to me than old Battlefront but then I haven’t really played Battlefield since BF3 and can’t even remember the last time I played Battlefront 2.

      It definitaly doesn’t just feel like BF with a Star Wars mod though, everything feels much easier (at least easier to pick-up) than any Battlefield game I ever played. You could almost say it’s like Battlefield for Dummies, even the ships take all of 2 seconds to get the hang of.

      That probably sounds bad but it’s actually a lot of fun to just get out there and blast shit without worrying about letting the team down because you just want to learn how to fly or something or jumping in an AT-AT for a minute and gunning down rebal scum as they pathetically try to run away 😛

  • Won walker assault once with Rebals last night, it’s pretty epic. Empire might win more often but I think the rebals gameplay on that mode/map is so much more intense and exciting.

    Haven’t really tried playing in 3rd person yet, might give that a shot later.

  • I get that its in the more fantasy and sci fi realm, but why on earth can you aim down sights if all it does is slow you down?! Completely counter intuitive in terms of conventional game mechanics and actually just seems like lack of detail to me… I dont care what kind of gun you have, you cant just hip fire lazers 100m away with the same accuracy as if you were slowing down and aiming
    Surely there should be a larger spray?! Simply for the fact that no one can hold their hand COMPLETELY still?! Annoys me… Ill see how it feels after work but im really disappointed by a lot of things in this game already!

    • Because aiming down the sights would still slow you down physically, I suppose.

      It’s Battlefront: the series always was a lot more casual.

      • Yeah fair enough – i do like realism in my shooters though…

        Im just suggesting why can we even aim down sights if it offers no benefit at all?!

        • I think it does give some benefit, most (all?) of the guns have scopes so it certainly makes it easier to spot people, let alone hit them accurately at a distance. At close-mid range though, in the time it takes to raise the gun to your eye, you’ll probably get shot.

          • I was thinking that too… Probably useful for sniping, so effectively you’ve got different approaches to combat depending on how close to the enemy you are.

          • Spotting white stormtroopers half a mile away on Hoth, which is covered in snow … that hasn’t been peed in

  • Yeah, I think the issue with walker assault when playing as rebels is that not everyone is focused on the objectives, but are running around trying to get kills. Had some pretty epic matches last night, won a couple as the rebels, but dominated when playing as the empire. Man, you feel invincible in the AT-AT’s, just raining down destruction!
    Interesting about aiming down the sites, i still found it more accurate when looking down the sites, but then I wasn’t paying much attention to the difference so may have just missed it. Will have to try hip fire some more to test it out

  • Played a round and while I can see the appeal, its not for me. Though will say it looks pretty amazing and certainly has the Star Wars vibe going well. May pick it up down the track when cheaper and some dlc released. Have fun!
    Back to Destiny.

    • Agreed. Hoth is a bit of fun, but it just felt like a dumbed down Battlefield. I just didn’t feel the hype in the end, but maybe that will change with the finished product.

      Back to Destiny it is…

      • Absolutely loved Battlefront 1 and adored 2 but this feels different. I know it is a beta but its just not the same. Will need to add large maps with tons of vehicles for me to look at it again.
        40 player vehicle battles please!

  • I’m glad it was said here in this article because I thought it was just me! After about 5 mins on hoth as rebels i thought WTF fairly one sided here…. Storm troopers are white…snow is white… they have AT-AT/ST and then I was sliced up instantly by Darth vader a few times after unloading into his face…. I can definitely see why they put out a public beta (ehhm demo)

  • Loving it – except the spawn killing from the Empire – when you add this to the other empire advantages Hoth is just a death trap for the rebels.

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