A Horror Game About Losing Your Kid In A Haunted Theme Park

A Horror Game About Losing Your Kid In A Haunted Theme Park

Here’s a horror game that wants to tap into every parent’s worst nightmare: losing a child.

It’s called The Park, and it’s a psychological horror game about a mother who has lost her kid in a theme park. In some ways, it seems like almost a large-scale Five Nights at Freddys: carnival-like entertainment gone wrong. By playing it, you slowly find out about all the dark, gruesome things that have taken occurred in a place where kids used to go to have fun:

The developers — who have also worked on franchises like Dreamfall: The Longest Journey — say The Park is narrative-heavy game. They list influences such as Gone Home, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, as well as Stephen King novels. Perhaps you’ll see some similarities to Heavy Rain, too, what with the goofy “shouting after your kid” mechanic. I’m particularly interested in mum herself — most games that feature parents explore being a father. Mothers are rarer! Colour me intrigued.

It will be out sometime in October for PC, but for now, you can follow The Park’s development at its official website.

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