Steam Update Makes Your Huge Library More Manageable

Briefly: A new Steam update will make things significantly better for people with lots of games. The update just entered public beta, and it reduces Steam start-up time for people with large libraries and improves library performance in Big Picture Mode. My sale-engorged library just let out a whimper of relief.


    Still can't organise games into own lists and categories...... 0/10

      you mean like the custom category options that have been there for ages?
      or the category filter options added more recently to Big Picture Mode?

      Um, I don't know what you're talking about exactly, custom categories have been in Steam for a few years now, and earlier this year they finally added the ability to categorise multiple games at once.

      While you can only specify a category, its a pretty weak structure.... I think mypetmonkey wants more options to organise them. The category as it is currently isnt good if you have hundreds of games and you like to tag your games with more than one category. (cause that just makes a game appear multiple times on your list) (ie Dues Ex HR is in my completed category, my favourites, my stealth category)

      Like option to set my own private tags (maybe even give tags icons) with deeper tree structures and maybe filters for tags. So I could instead of have multiple categories, have one for Stealth and have a favourite and stealth tag on them. etc.

      I would like to seperate my puzzle games from the ones I completed to the ones I havent, or what I need to perfect, achievement I want to complete.

        subcategories and tags would certainly help - I think I have six different categories of shooters which could be far better organised then

        What this dude said.

        But thanks for all the down votes guys. Nice work. Now in moderation.

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          Yea they really need 3 buttons Up vote, down vote and report. moderated for what? being wrong, having an unpopular opinion? It was not derogatory in any way.

          Worst part is Kotaku is just like steam, you ask for help and never get a reply. I have had a few friends who use to use this site but moved on because they got downvoted for correcting someone or sharing an unpopular opinion, asked for moderation to be removed emailing support never get an answer and check a week later and still in moderation.

          Makes me think what kind of news reporting site allows their users to be censored so easily.

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    Can you set all games to not auto download updates yet?

      easiest way I can tell seems to be to set the 'limit auto-updating schedule' to a 1hr block when the computer is always off like 4AM-5AM

    My 1400 games thank you. Especially on my In-Home Streaming system running on a Intel Compute Stick if chugged with such a large library. Now Valve just needs to add 5.1 surround sound support and I'll be laughing!

      how does the compute stick fare with the in home streaming? I have been waiting for the dam steam link to become available but didn't think about getting a compute stick.

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        Funny enough, In-Home Streaming is the best thing it does. Like I stated above if you have a big library big picture can be a bit laggy, less of an issue since they reworked the big picture UI though as you can filter stuff alot better. You need to work around the Compute Sticks limitations though, you need a usb hub and you need either a Wireless 802.11ac Receiver (and router) or a USB ethernet adapter for good performance, but I get 1080p 60fps with nil drops or stutters with 802.11ac. I would prolly wait til they release the updated Compute Stick which is meant to be alot more powerful, it should be coming out in the next few months. The current model is powerful enough now to do everything you need (Steam streaming, netflix, iview, sbs, etc, and network streaming of music/movies) but it does have noticeable performance issues when using the Windows 10 UI, never when streaming content though, it is smooth for that stuff.

    I'd love for them to revamp the store so that it's actually part of the client as opposed to a browser fetching a web page.

    I'm completely confused - I updated to the Beta last night but it still looks like the same ol' game library to me. Is the Beta just introducing more back-end options for organisation, or was there a more fully-formed UI update that was supposed to drop?

      If it's any consolation, I took the title to mean there were organisational changes too. I thought the speed boost was in addition to that. Oh well.

    I have four titles on Steam, looking forward to a better system for managing them all :P

    At some point this week the store got a facelift, too.

    The only time i notice slowness with start up times is when signing in for the first time on a new pc, have not had any slowness on startup and i've got thousands of games in there. maybe it only does it on older pcs?

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