A Sad Farewell From A League Of Legends … Legend

A Sad Farewell From A League Of Legends … Legend

Marcus “Dyrus” Hill, one of the first League of Legends professionals (and still one of the best), retired from competition yesterday. This is his final, emotional interview.

(via Daily Dot)


    • The e-sports scene is a really volatile like that. Mid twenties is generally seen as too old for it.

      • Funny, met a lot of people who try and defend the scene by saying anybody of any age can participate.

        • 23 is really early, even for eSports. It differs from scene to scene — those in the fighting game scene and, if you want to count it, World of Tanks are often older — but there is a lot more room for older players.

          League has one of the younger demographics though, so that’s how you get situations where a 23 year old has been around “forever”.

        • Yeah, anybody from any age can participate, but the absolute highest levels of play are reserved for people of maximum physical and mental capability, and in video games, that often means hyperactive, twitchy 15 year olds.

    • The guy has been around for what seems like forever though for the past year or so he hasn’t been considered near the top of his position even in NA. It seems to be a mutual thing, he has been burnt out from playing non stop for 5 or more years and the team realises they need someone better at that position.

      • All i know that having a manager like Reginald would make things harder, since he’s a complete wanker.

  • I guess an issue with esports thats not as applicable to actual sports is how quickly guys can burn out because they are practicing up to 80(?) hours a week, which is many sports is simply not possible physically. Leading to guys having had a gut full by the time they are 23.

  • Clinton ‘Fear’ Loomis, one of the winners of this years Dota 2 International, as commonly referred to as ‘Old Man Fear’. He is 27.

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