A Tasmanian Studio Is Turning Party Golf Into A Console Game

A Tasmanian Studio Is Turning Party Golf Into A Console Game

Here’s a combination of things I didn’t think I’d be writing about today: Tasmania, Desert Golfing, Nidhogg, Towerfall Ascension, the PS4, actual golf, Scorched Earth, and fun.

These are all the things that come to mind when I look at Party Golf, a new project on Kickstarter. It’s not asking for an awful lot of money, it’s being made in Tasmania and it looks a hell of a lot of fun.

Let’s have a party. A golf party.

Party Golf is a new project from Giant Margarita, a studio from Hobart whose previous work was the mobile physics puzzler Save The Teenies.

Party Golf’s a touch more ambitious. It’s a local competitive co-op game that, if the GIFs and trailers are any indication, looks about as maniacal as Desert Golfing crossed with Scorched Earth.

The objective is to get into the hole — obviously — but everyone takes their shots at the same time, and your ball can interact and interfere with others. Watch.

Holes are procedurally generated — but a lot more visually dynamic than Desert Golfing was — and there are also a tonne of powerups and game modifiers to mix things up. “These change the game experience in simple, complex, and novel ways. These range from simple things such as changing a ball’s shape, size, or weight; to powerups that allow various effects such as shooting in mid-air or repelling your opponent’s balls,” the devs advertised.

Party Golf isn’t asking for a great deal of money, which is nice if you’re a small studio trying to get over the line. It’s already raised $5496 of it’s $14,000 goal (yes, this is in Australian dollars) and the campaign has 21 days to run.

There’s a tonne of customisation options too, from the weight, size, shape, bounciness (I don’t think it’s a word but it’s what the Tasmanians have used in their UI) and more.

I’m all for more co-op games — even though the market is getting flooded — and any golf game that bleaches the memory of Rory McIlroy out of my brain is a win-win for me. You can download an existing prototype of the game for Ouya and there’s a PC demo and full version available for $5 if you want to try before you back. Keep in mind, however, that the PC build is a slimmed down version what will ship in the crowdfunded build.


  • Hi, Ian here from Giant Margarita *waves* 🙂

    Due to popular demand, were are in the process of launching a Steam Greenlight for Party Golf and will bring the full PS4 version to PC as well. We haven’t updated our Kickstarter rewards tiers to show this yet, but if anyone wants to back us with a comment of “I want the full PC version” or something like that, we’ll work it out 🙂

    • This looks like it’ll be really fun, but I’m not a big kickstarter user :s

      I will definitely buy this if it gets on PS4, though!

      • Thanks for your support!
        Kickstarters aren’t everybody’s bag, we’re just glad to have found an audience 😀

    • We’d love to bring the game to the ‘bone, but we’re really trying to get the game on just one platform to begin with. If we’re successful with our Kickstarter, we’ll certainly be taking to the Xbox One as the next direction.

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