A Tasmanian Studio Is Turning Party Golf Into A Console Game

Here’s a combination of things I didn’t think I’d be writing about today: Tasmania, Desert Golfing, Nidhogg, Towerfall Ascension, the PS4, actual golf, Scorched Earth, and fun.

These are all the things that come to mind when I look at Party Golf, a new project on Kickstarter. It’s not asking for an awful lot of money, it’s being made in Tasmania and it looks a hell of a lot of fun.

Let’s have a party. A golf party.

Party Golf is a new project from Giant Margarita, a studio from Hobart whose previous work was the mobile physics puzzler Save The Teenies.

Party Golf’s a touch more ambitious. It’s a local competitive co-op game that, if the GIFs and trailers are any indication, looks about as maniacal as Desert Golfing crossed with Scorched Earth.

The objective is to get into the hole — obviously — but everyone takes their shots at the same time, and your ball can interact and interfere with others. Watch.

Holes are procedurally generated — but a lot more visually dynamic than Desert Golfing was — and there are also a tonne of powerups and game modifiers to mix things up. “These change the game experience in simple, complex, and novel ways. These range from simple things such as changing a ball’s shape, size, or weight; to powerups that allow various effects such as shooting in mid-air or repelling your opponent’s balls,” the devs advertised.

Party Golf isn’t asking for a great deal of money, which is nice if you’re a small studio trying to get over the line. It’s already raised $5496 of it’s $14,000 goal (yes, this is in Australian dollars) and the campaign has 21 days to run.

There’s a tonne of customisation options too, from the weight, size, shape, bounciness (I don’t think it’s a word but it’s what the Tasmanians have used in their UI) and more.

I’m all for more co-op games — even though the market is getting flooded — and any golf game that bleaches the memory of Rory McIlroy out of my brain is a win-win for me. You can download an existing prototype of the game for Ouya and there’s a PC demo and full version available for $5 if you want to try before you back. Keep in mind, however, that the PC build is a slimmed down version what will ship in the crowdfunded build.


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