Ambitious Fallout Mod Uses 44 Voice Actors From 2 Continents

The size and scope of Fallout Project Brazil continues to impress, and even though the mod won't beat Fallout 4 to release it's rewarding to see that the team aren't willing to compromise on their vision.

In case you've forgotten, Fallout Project Brazil is the Fallout: New Vegas mod of the year. It's so gargantuan in its ambition that one of the developers took a sabbatical from his day job with the hope of getting Project Brazil out before Fallout 4 landed.

That's not going to happen, although the team claims on their official Facebook page that they'll be done very shortly after Bethesda hits store shelves. That hasn't led to a mass culling of features or content though, with the developers revealing that 44 voice actors and actresses have contributed to the fan-driven project.

"I want to thank my voice actors — you guys really came through for us over the last month. Some of you traveled a thousand miles or more to sit on a creaky futon in a tiny room at the centre of a house to record for 5 or 6 straight hours to make my mod come to life," they wrote.

The current estimate for Project Brazil's release is sitting on between four and five weeks, although that's largely dependent on the team maintaining their levels of productivity.

It's a shame people won't get a taste of Project Brazil before Fallout 4 lands, but it might be a fantastic route into full-time development for the people involved. It's an immense, immense effort. Making games — or mods — isn't easy.

You can keep up to date with everything that's happening by going to Nexus Mods or following their Facebook page.


    It's a shame that it wont be out before Fallout 4. I don't see many people stopping playing it to then load up this. I will definitely check it out, though likely after a few hundred hours have been spent in 4.

    This is why I believe Fallout games and ES games should never come out more then once every 4 to 5 years. The games modding community can do spectacular things. Just look at Skyrim, it has remained in the top 10 list of games being played currently on steam almost the entire time its been out snice 2011.

    While New Vegas came out in 2010 which means its been 5 years, and I am happy to see a new game and am 100% pumped and ready its still a shame to see things like this happen. Hopefully when the dust settles with FO4 and mods are still being created this mod will get some attention.

    Last edited 27/10/15 2:21 pm

    Well at least they will be able to take the work and lessons learned with this project and apply them to Fallout 4, most modders are using high enough textures that they will probably outclass fallout 4 standard textures anyway.

    Don't know why you all worry, who cares that it will be after fallout 4. I don't care about fallout 4. I'm waiting on fallout: Brazil its going to be way better because it is made by people who know what we want, not snobbish people who think they do.

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