Ambitious RTS Hybrid Was Made By Just One Man

Ambitious RTS Hybrid Was Made By Just One Man

WARSHIFT is a new-ish game on Early Access that wasn’t quite sure if it wanted to be an RTS or an action game. So it ended up being both.

I’ve been messing around with it today and, while it’s far from perfect — the UI is unnecessarily cluttered and unwieldy for a genre that requires precision and speed — it’s still an impressive achievement considering it’s the work of a single developer.

Yup. One. Over the past three years (and following one successful Kickstarter) everything from art to design to programming has been handled by Cyril Megem.

WARSHIFT works mainly as an RTS; you land on an alien planet, you build buildings and units and you try and crush the other team. But at any time you can take control of a hero/avatar unit and fight in the battles yourself, and over the course of a campaign (yes, there’s a singleplayer campaign) those units can level up and unlock new stuff.

It’s still a bit rough around the edges (the game is in Early Access), but what’s there is worth a look if you’re after some classic RTS stuff action with a more interactive twist.


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