ArmA 3 Going Full 3D With New Scenario Editor

ArmA 3 Going Full 3D With New Scenario Editor

It’s not the first of three major updates for military shooters, but the inclusion of a tool that allows users to make scenarios from a perspective that isn’t sky high should make people very happy indeed.

The information was outlined in a lengthy blog post from Bohemia Interactive, where they outlined their plans for the massive sim for the next year or so. The first update is titled Nexus and promises to “[invest] further in gameplay features such as fatigue and personal protective equipment” to build a “more robust foundation” for ArmA.

“Alongside these refinements, Nexus Update includes new End Game instances and extensions to the mode’s functionality. Our objective is to create a solid basis for future MP content, using this mode to optimise shared systems, identify performance bottlenecks, and validate improvements in other areas, such as AI, audio, and animations,” Bohemia wrote.

The Nexus patch will be pushed out later this year, with the Eden 3D scenario editor to be added in as part of the “New Year Eden Update”. That’ll also come with a set of new lighting and water shaders, as well the handy inclusion of an undo button.

Those two updates will serve as a primer for next year’s Apex expansion, which will add a new co-op campaign, characters, weapons, vehicles as well as new vehicle classes (light strike vehicles and VTOL aircraft). The Eden update is targeted at any point between later this year and the first quarter of 2016, while the Apex patch could be delivered as late as Q2 next year.

What’s your take on the ArmA series — any hardcore military sim fans in the audience?


  • Shame that it’s got poorly optimised multiplayer. I love the game so much but can’t get decent frames without making it look ugly when playing multiplayer.

  • Freaking love Arma, but it gets a bit stale quickly. This should breathe new life into the multiplayer. Psyched for more role playing action!

  • Believe it or not, this sort of thing was being done back in the OFP1 days with mods and what not. No doubt much better in A3 now. Now BIS, update the Linux/Mac port of the game !

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