Ex-Metroid Prime Developers Announce New Game

Armature, the studio run by ex-Metroid Prime developers, has announced a second new game for 2016 — a top-down arcade shooter called Dead Star that supports 10v10 multiplayer. It'll be on PC and PS4 early in the new year.

The've also got ReCore coming for Xbox One.


    Got really excited thinking this was like EV Nova, if anyone remembers that game, (mainly mac users as it was one of the only games for us in the early 2000s)

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    I'm not really into top down shooters, especially the crazy bullet hell ones, but this looks pretty cool, might check it out.
    I really like the design of some of those alien ships.

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    That font... I feel like it's from one of those shows like Popstars or Dancing With The Stars or some other kind of "talent" show type dealie. Yuck :P

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