Australia's Counter-Strike Servers Have Been AWOL For 24 Hours

Server maintenance is one thing. Having a random outage is another. But the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive servers for Australia have been down for a solid 24 hours — and people are demanding to know why.

Update: The servers have since gone back up and are at a "low load", according to SteamDB's server monitor, at the time of writing. Valve hasn't issued an official statement as to why the outage occurred for so long, although we'll update the post (or make a new one) if anything is issued. The rest of the original story is below.

If you've been trying to enjoy a quiet round of matchmaking or two in the last 24 hours, you'll have encountered an unfortunate bug. Across all of Australia, Steam's CS:GO servers have been down — and fans are understandably unhappy.

SteamDB's server status site doesn't offer any more positive news. "Offline." That's the only designation next to the Australia server. It's not the only one struggling, mind you: the Indian hub is down too, and the Brazilian server is experiencing high load right now.

The most helpful suggestion so far is to play on the Singaporean servers — if you live in Perth, a suggestion that would irk most gamers. Another alternative is to go through the third-party FACEIT service, although that may not be the experience many want (particularly if you don't care a great deal about high-end Counter-Strike).

Playing on 128-tick servers is a nice change, mind you, and being able to play ranked matches beats not being able to play. In a sense I suppose Valve's outage is handy in that it works as an advertisement for alternative services — but gee, it'd be good if they came out and actually told people what was going on.


    Aus servers were back up at the time this article was published.

      Yeah, they went up in between the time I'd written the story and when it was scheduled to go up. I've put an update in bold towards the top noting that too.

    What is it about remaining disingenuously quiet after inconveniencing your paying customers?

    Valve's habit of poor communication is truly insulting. It's sheer arrogance.

    TF2 servers just came back up this afternoon.

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