Be Thankful Fallout 4 Won’t Have Multiplayer

Be Thankful Fallout 4 Won’t Have Multiplayer

Because it would probably end up like this.

Apparently Todd Howard and the team have legitimately considered doing multiplayer but, each time they do, struggle to make it work in tandem with the single player component. It would have to be a separate experience, sort of like GTA Online.

Personally, I’m quite happy with Fallout 4 being a single player thing.


      • don’t have vats in coop? I don’t think that’d be a deal breaker for people. having said that idont Fallout isn’t the best suited for it personally I think elder scrolls would be ideal for an open world coop

      • Well if it’s co-op. Hopefully your buddy is close. Rather than pausing time, VATS could simply slow down time for everyone in the party.

        • Well, that’s what they’ve done with FO4 if you’ve been following. VATS no longer pauses the game, it just slows it down.

        • It works in Killing Floor so I don’t see why it couldn’t work here. (Slo mo multiplayer)
          Co op would be great on fallout. I don’t think I’d ever bother with fallout in an open world multiplayer or competitive.

      • I think that would be fine if VATS affected all players, why not? I’d be alright with that. My husband and I would still have a lot of fun with it.

      • Put a timer on VATS with a cooldown so it doesn’t harsh the buzz too much… I think it could work for co-op

    • Hopefully it gets modded in.
      I heard the skyrim mod for multiplayer was unstable buut fun.
      Even if it was a objectiveless free roaming co-op with base building, i would eat that right up.

  • Id be happy with being able to trade with a friend’s settlement, but that would probably leave the door open to arseholes griefing yours. As for the adventure itself – nah, its a solitary thing for me

  • I’m sure we will see a Fallout Multiplayer game in some form. The IP is far too popular to not exploit that market.

  • I’m sure we will see a Fallout Multiplayer game in some form. The IP is far too popular to not exploit that market.

  • I’d love it if they built a multiplayer element that’s not what we expect, like if they adapted Fallout: Shelter to a larger platform and had competing shelters, or players attempting to destroy the shelter, etc.

  • That won’t happen without it killing Fallout Shelter because it suddenly becomes P2W.

    Oops! This is meant to be a reply to @kartanym

  • Why the need for every game to have multiplayer? Perhaps they just want to make a great game. Perhaps they realise that with online gaming comes torrents of crappy behaviour designed to ruin the fun of others.

  • I’ve always thought Elder Scrolls or to a lesser extent Fallout would be pretty well suited to some 2-4 player dungeon crawling.

    Pretty sure Elder Scrolls: Battlespire had some sort of multiplayer.
    Kinda wonder if that was any good. The multiplayer, I mean.
    Never got to play it that way. The game itself was fine for the time.

    Shame the only Elder Scrolls multiplayer we’ve gotten since then is a danged MMO.

  • TL/DR – Learn the different types of “multiplayer” and if you are going to complain about not having something, complain about not having options.

    We need to define the type of “multiplayer” that’s being talked about as it’s a very general term, and most people who are against it generally haven’t put any thought into their answer and considered the different types of “multiplayer” there are.
    Due mainly to consoles and the younger kids, much of their experiences with multiplayer is any random joining their games weather they like it or not and causing mayhem and articles like these are assisting in propagating more ill-informed people.

    Where as people that have played on PC or consoles prior to them being hooked up to the internet generally understand what “options” are and how they work.

    For those that don’t seem to understand what an “option” is, here is the definition that can be applied in this context:
    a thing that is or may be chosen.
    ie.“choose the people you want to play with”


    PROBLEM: Money to develop, then ongoing support costs. This is a problem. They wont do it based purely on a business perspective (and personally I agree)
    ANSWER: Lay the foundation to have multiplayer in the engine. Let modders sort the rest out, that way there’s no support requirement and there is no responsibility on the businesses end.

    PROBLEM: It breaks immersion and the quests don’t sound right with more than 1 person in the game.
    ANSWER: Captions… – this is what happens when you voice the whole game (pretty much). no you cant get around it….

    PROBLEM: V.A.T.S. – How would it work
    ANSWER: Configuration – Do you want VATS? yes/no
    Timer for how long vats stays open and how long each person gets to decide what they want to do
    Do you want it to slow down time or pause the game completely?

    PROBLEM: Quest rewards

    PROBLEM: The game will be too easy with more than 1 person
    ANSWER: Maybe, there are other characters that join you already. So just scale the difficulty (like every other multiplayer/co-op game….)

    Then you get a lot of people justifying why they don’t want a multiplayer component with stupid complaints like this, showing that they have no real idea what they’re talking about, only the ability to vomit their first thought:
    PROBLEM: oh i don’t want other people in my game
    ANSWER: don’t invite them then. Turn multiplayer off.

    PROBLEM: I don’t like people or playing with them. (so clearly no one else should?)
    ANSWER: don’t play with them. Turn multiplayer off.

    PROBLEM: It will delay the release of the game.
    ANSWER: duh…

    Pepperidge Remembers

    • That’s basically Borderlands with slo-mo. Which isn’t a bad idea, but it’s going to change the feel of the game a lot. System Shock 2 multiplayer was fantastic, but it was a completely different game to the solo experience.

      • co-op fallout IMO would be amazing.
        I didn’t even realize you could play System Shock 2 in multiplayer!! I must do this!!
        (probably less freaky when you have someone to run to. Would also be bloody hilarious with more than 1 person running around screaming…)

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