Behold, The Zelda Ukulele

Behold, The Zelda Ukulele

Dayshot: Dubbed the Ocalele of Time, this is an Ocarina of Time-inspired, handmade ukulele that also happens to look like an ocarina (albeit with tiny guitar parts attached).

It was made by Nobo13, a man on a mission to craft one ukulele a month. He’s made two other gaming-themed instruments so far: one with a Triforce wood burn in last December, and another engraved with Mega Man characters in August.

His most recent one has a spray-painted Triforce on its head, and multiple sound holes corresponding to an actual ocarina’s holes on the body — including “thumb holes” on the other side, as the photos below show.

You can listen to/watch the Ocalele in action in the vid below.

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