Being Eaten Alive By Rats In Warhammer: Vermintide Is So Good

Being Eaten Alive By Rats In Warhammer: Vermintide Is So Good

Holy crap that’s a lot of rats.

I do not use “holy crap” lightly kids, so when I say “Holy crap that’s a lot of rats,” I mean there are enough rats to fill a high school auditorium. Enough rats to make an entire fall fashion line. Enough rats to craft 100 horses made entirely of rats.

So many rats. Look at them.

OK fine, so many Skaven.

Warhammer: The End Times — Vermintide may be the 200th or so Warhammer game released this month alone, but it’s by far one of the most exciting. Four players band together to cleanse the town of something German-sounding from a infestation of Skaven — rat people.

Imagine if all of the rats in New York City suddenly grew to human size and attacked. It’s like that. Only I imagine it’s much more fun.

Developed by Fatshark, the folks behind post apocalyptic fun-time Krater and War of the Roses, Vermintide is one of those games that people say you should play but you aren’t sure but then suddenly it’s the best thing you’ve played with other people in ages, and I spent the afternoon playing co-op Halo 5. It’s sort of like Left 4 Dead, only with rats. Left 4 Rats.

Being Eaten Alive By Rats In Warhammer: Vermintide Is So Good

So many rat people.

Warhammer: The End Times — Vermintide is available now on Steam for $29.99 — pleasantly, with no Australia tax added on.


  • its a a great game, but you must play with others because the bots at the moment are just terrible and are a hindrance more than a help. also start on easy because the game is pretty damn tough and unforgiving until you get the hand of it

  • repetitive, broken rng in both spawning and loot which leads to frustrating encounters and utter disappointment.
    Unrewarding and ultimately an extended beta for the consoles.

  • Been playing this all weekend.

    Trying hard to avoid grinding specific levels just for loot(im looking at you Sewers and Horn). But overall the game is a blast with friends.

  • Played a bit yesterday.
    It’s good fun overall. The weapon upgrades and choices give a bit more replay value.
    Obviously very closely based on L4D. Which isn’t a bad thing.
    Combat is pretty satisfying though some of the ranged weapons could use some tweaks

    I like the system of being able to carry the tomes and grimores around to make the level harder and increase rewards.
    The game is quite challenging which I also like.

    Looks pretty good too. Lacks a bit of polish in certain areas (especially GUI and controls) but otherwise it’s good fun.
    Dunno what the longevity of it is, but right now I’d say it’s worth the $30USD.

    Oh and the witch hunter feels very underwhelming but the other classes are pretty cool.

    • I found the loot system to make it more frustrating and reduce replayability, purely because the drop rates are so horrendous. To grind from normal – hard – nightmare by running 1 or 2 levels in the hope of an upgrade is not fun.

      • I haven’t played it enough yet for that to bother me. I’ve successfully finished like 3 or 4 missions.

        I agree that just grinding easy missions would get boring, but like I said, I do like the tome system that increases your rewards.
        Finding all 3 tomes and killing a dice carrying rat pretty much guarantees you a green or better item.
        The grimores add even more chance.

        Perhaps once I’ve played it a bit more then I’ll agree. The forging option to destroy 5 items in exchange for a higher rarity one seems like it would be more useful if white rarity items were more common (eg getting 2-3 per mission).

        Ultimately, L4D didn’t have any leveling or items system and still had lots of replay value. I feel like this will be the same. Play it just for the actual game, and the items/leveling is just an added bonus.
        I guess sometimes grinding feels like grinding and sometimes just like a bonus on top of regular gameplay.

        • I have 10 hours played through beta to now. I finished all the missions on normal and some on hard, and the fun died off because if i want to progress through hard/nightmare, it has become a grind one level for a loot roll that may be blue or not.

          If it’s not blue.. it’s trash and i’ve wasted 20-30 minutes. The levels also get pretty boring so there’s not much incentive to continue on there either.

          I think for 10 hours of gameplay, it wasn’t bad. I got the game for $20 or so bucks.

  • I would love to see a full list of warhammer (and warhammer 40k) games out. I loved the series

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