David Cage Is Bringing Back Project Kara In Detroit

Beyond: Two Souls Designer Announces Next Game, Detroit

David Cage revealed his latest game today in Paris, and it's called Detroit.

Detroit is based on Project Kara, a demo developer Quantic Dream showed off years ago, in which an android becomes aware of itself and leaves the factory it was built. Designer David Cage wondered what happened next, setting up the events of Detroit.

No release date was announced for Detroit.


    The clip was great, it would make a good Netflix show.

      There's already a show. It's called Humans. It's also a recent film, Ex Machina.

    So you're a cool looking robot girl in a cool looking city. What's the game? Heck... What even is the genre?

      Something fresh, crazy notion I know but the industry is in dire need of it.

        I would prefer they take the route the new Tomb Raider took, where the game stayed essentially the same, but the "sandboxes" grew larger. Either way I wouldn't expect any loot!

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      The genre will probably be the same as Cage's other games, though I hope not.

        Probably another adventure game like his last few. Although I don't think he likes calling them that.

    That project Kara video from a few years back was so amazing. IT was dissapointing when the two souls game was announced instead. This could be good.

      Yeah, Project Kara came with a disclaimer that it was not linked to or indicative of any upcoming project from Quantic or Sony, but I've always wished they'd revisit it. I'm thrilled they finally are.

        I'm honestly not even sure I would want a game out of this when it could possibly be handled in a way that does it justice in a movie or other more acceptably linear way.

        Still, that concept was damned fantastic, that video gave me Feels.

          Yes. But I always start playing these games (this genre) expecting them to blow my mind at some point with the story (Heavy Rain; an incredible concept that should have grown further). I hope the team can actually create a great narrative out of this one and not just spend time exploring emotions and sociological problems with occasional action sequences forced in (Beyond 2 Souls; still enjoyed it).

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    Normally I would be hyped. But his last game was garbage.

    His games always feel like French films done in English. Not meant to be a damning nor praising statement, just a curiosity.

    Anyway, looking forward to this. I actually have enjoyed all Quantic Dream stuff, even Beyond.

      Let's be fair, his games are not Bientôt l’été (although sometimes they come close).

    I liked Heavy Rain and while I wanted to like beyond two souls, it wasn't great. I am excited to see where this goes though and it is intriguing to see such a strong focus on narrative. It's good that people like David cage are pushing the boundaries of what we know Video games to be.

    Press X to Jason

    I'm sure there will be parallels with the film Ex Machina.

    Obviously inspired by the "Put Your Hands Up For Detroit" film clip.

    looks just like a video game version of that UK show, humans

    I appreciate David Cage doing things that few others do (well, besides Life is Strange), but he can't direct or write to save his life. Plus, his games are filled with dodgy French Canadian accents.

    David Cage always likes to point out "emotion" as the driving force of his games. But as a fan I'd like to think it's "choice" and a great narrative.

    I think it's incredibly difficult to do either, but somehow they do both. Sometimes they overindulge in "emotion", which undermines the overall story.

    IMO; Heavy Rain was made great by how it handled choice and a great mystery driven narrative. Game mechanics were clunky at best, visuals were fantastic as always.

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