Capcom’s Humble Bundle Adds Remember Me, Resident Evil 4

Capcom’s Humble Bundle Adds Remember Me, Resident Evil 4
Image courtesy of Dead End Thrills.

Yay. I get to say I predicted something correctly for once — although in fairness, it wasn’t too hard.

There was a surprising amount of interest in Capcom’s Humble Bundle when I wrote about it last week, although that may have something to do with the fact that it was one of the few that have been worth buying recently.

As is typically the case, Humble and Capcom kept two of the second tier games hidden. Using the structure of the rest of the bundle — zombies/Resident Evil, or platformers/action games — I reasoned that Remember Me and Dead Rising 2, another game where you punch people and/or zombies, would get added this week.

I was half right: Capcom today has unveiled Resident Evil 4 and Remember Me as the bundle’s final two games. It fits perfectly into the two groups that might be interested in this bundle. If Resident Evil 5 and the Revelations episodes took your fancy, getting Resident Evil 4 is a solid bonus, while anyone who enjoys the dumb fun of DmC: Devil May Cry and Lost Planet 3 should have no issues working through Nilin’s memory remixes in Remember Me.

Another added bonus, as this shot from Dead End Thrills showcases, is that Remember Me is pretty great for those who get serious about their screenshots. It’s not too difficult to get some magic happening with SweetFX and Cheat Engine, so if the action doesn’t take your fancy then some digital portraits of Neo-Paris might. (The same applies for DmC: Devil May Cry too, although that game is pretty tops across the board.)


    • Kind of! There was a link to the previous article which linked to the bundle, although I actually forgot to just put in a link directly so I’ve gone and done that now. Sorry!

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