Catch Up On Australian Counter-Strike At Crown Casino Right Here

Catch Up On Australian Counter-Strike At Crown Casino Right Here

This weekend Crown Casino in Melbourne are hosting a $55,555 invitational. Australia’s best teams — which includes players who abandoned an international tournament being held in China to attend this event — and two big names from North America and Europe (Cloud9 and Virtus.Pro) are battling it out.

It’s being broadcast on FOX Sports 1 tomorrow night and next week, but that’s not all the coverage there is.

If you want to catch footage of the earlier rounds, or want to see what happens when Australia’s fourth or fifth best team comes up against some of the best players in the world, you can catch the action on the official Twitch stream below. The Twitch stream will run through tomorrow as well, and you can catch up on the action by watching previous broadcasts through Twitch directly.


  • You can tell its being held in Australia, the chat is full of c*** this and c*** that, makes you proud to be an Australian

  • Think the more interesting number is how low the views are on these twitch videos. Has me wondering is it just because counter strike isn’t as big as say MOBA’s are these days? Is it because people don’t want to watch the crown’s attempt at putting on a low budget tournament to try and get into the esports scene? Or was it because people just weren’t aware of it?


    • For some reason and I think a bunch of betting sites haven’t been advertising game until now. A lot of the CS community rely on those sites for information about when and where to watch matches. No idea why this hasn’t been promoted by them, but I think this is partly to blame. Tomorrows games are on HLTV already so hopefully that will help some.

      Apparently you can also watch matched for free on their website, not sure if this will include the final though.

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