Collector's Edition Cthulhu Yahtzee Comes With The Best Dice Cup (And Dice)

Themed versions of classic games come out all the time, but not all of them a worthy of attention. Slap some Lovecraft gear on it though and sadly, I have to admit, my interests are immediately raised. Even Cthulhu Yahtzee is enough to get me going.

The game itself — produced by the US-based Entertainment Earth — is traditional Yahtzee — no animal sacrifices or Old One worshipping here — but instead of a lame plastic cup and regular six-sided rollers, you get a neat Cthulhu-shaped one and a bunch of green and black dice with little Cthulhu symbols on them.

All sounds great, right? Well, I have some bad news; here's the bit where I get accused of being a massive tease.

First, Entertainment Earth won't ship the game to Australia, so a thumbs-down there. Secondly, it's not available until December, though this isn't a big deal considering the aforementioned postage issue. That said, it might pop up at local retailers, like Milsims or Games Paradise and it certainty can't hurt to enquire about availability with your favourite niche board games store. I know I'll be asking around.

Cthulhu Collector's Edition Yahtzee Game [Entertainment Earth, Nerd Approved]

Photo: Entertainment Earth


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