Confirmed: Call Of Duty Is Putting Over $420,000 Into Australia Next Year

The difference between the Australian dollar and the greenback is fairly significant these days, and when I wrote about the amount Activision was putting into Australia's Call of Duty scene next year it seemed odd that nobody clarified that part.

The only information we had originally was that $300,000 was being invested into two Pro League "stages", with each stage featuring 8 teams. Four of those will qualify to the global finals, although Activision hasn't announced how much money is on offer there.

In any case, it's now been confirmed that despite being held in Australia and featuring, at least initially, only Australian and New Zealand teams (because those from South East Asian nations will have to qualify through the lower League of Legends-style Challenger division first), the prize pool here is in US dollars.

At today's rates, that means Activision is investing a smidgen over $420,389 just into Call of Duty prize pools next year, not including the money they intend to spend on flights and accommodation for the teams, venue hire, cost of hiring for organisers and talent, as well as all the other figures involved.

It's the largest amount of money that's ever been dropped into Australia in a single hit. Australians have always had access to more, but that's required participation at international tournaments.

This money is coming to Australia as of next year. It's an exciting time to be a (console) Call of Duty player, that's for sure.


    All those pathetic camping 13 year olds don't deserve any money!!

    $420k lads... Grab the doritos, grab the mountain dew and lets BLAZE IT!!! MLG got notthin on us!! Unless of course they've involved in running this.... are they?

    I dont really understand how CoD can develope a competitive scene when they replace their game with a new pne every year. I'd imagine there'd be no time for meta to develope and there'd be some re-learning to do with each new game?

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