Counter-Strike Community To Honour Friend's Passing By Trolling Public Servers

The passing of a friend is always a big event in a community. It's a reminder of our mortality, our age and also how much time has passed since everyone became friends.

The older members of Australia's Counter-Strike community found themselves in such a situation this morning, with the death of one of its oldest. But the idea proposed to honour the passing might be one of the most memorable.

Chris Irving came from a time when Counter-Strike, and games, were very, very different. It's immortalised in his name: Village Idiot. But while the moniker implies a lack of acuity, Irving was renowned for being a bit of a troll.

Tayfun Ozturkmen, who notified the local community, wrote that Irving was known for "trolling, forum shenanigans and generally mischievous behaviour that gave many of us a good laugh". He'd be in a position to know as well: he was one of the original members of function zer0, the long-standing CS clan whose variations ruled Queensland for several years.

Irving, on the other hand, was a part of SoG and 12 Monkeys, the latter team which dominated Victoria LANs in the very early years (CS 1.3 to early CS 1.5). Their respective positions meant the two would have versed each other online and at LANs on a regular basis.

It's a shame to lose someone who has seen a community evolve so many times over the years, but Ozturkmen has suggested a brilliant idea to honour Irving. Given his history as a troll, what more would the man appreciate than a bit of old-fashioned griefing?

"I'm thinking of organizing a mass trolling where we all get on public server together and play the game the way Chris would play it until we get kick banned," he wrote on Facebook.

The games included don't have to be Counter-Strike — although some CS would surely be in order. Team Fortress 2 has already proven its value for griefers, and I imagine getting together a big party and trolling a Battlefield or Call of Duty server wouldn't be off the cards.

Trolls of honour.


    the two would have versed each other*grits teeth*

    That's a nice idea though.

      Both of them looking into the blackness of space and seeing different things

      You sound averse to versed as a verb.

        Not if they're firing poetry at each other :P

          Eh, it's been widely accepted as slang in and out of gaming for decades now.

          (I had a witty response planned but now I'm stuck thinking about a bizarre CS/poetry crossover)

            There's a game jam idea in there somewhere, I'm sure.

    Very sad to hear about Chris, I got to meet a lot of the Vic community when I went down to play with the Fv guys. They were quite a welcoming bunch.

      Fv, christ, haven't heard that tag mentioned in a long time.

      *sigh* I feel old now.

      Hey, any idea what Patty's doing these days?

        Haha no, I haven't spoken to anyone in Fv for a very long time. CS:GO may change that, but real life seems to get in the way for most people. We're all old ;)

          Holy moly!!!! I just randomly came across this article googling something random from the past. I played with Chris last year at random times to troll. Sad to hear. Pat is studying over in Europe these days.

    i also was looking up some old photos from lan and came across this article. i also heard the sad news rip chris. jay if ya keen me and maska down for a popup in an upcoming lan somewhere random and just suprise the shit out of them and take out 1st place in csgo ;) me u maska pred(my bro) maybe get will or we can take some local boys that where in deviation with my bro, haha actually they lived in ya street back in the days!. wel pete court lol!

    [EAC] [Exi] Ui| Fbang> [fv] Warlord
    oh had to add the tag timeline also :P hahah good times!

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