Burnout Paradise Coming To Xbox One

Briefly: Criterion Games confirmed on Twitter that Burnout Paradise is getting backwards compatibility on Xbox One, though when it will get enabled hasn't been revealed.


    Yuss I can listen to the only song I know on repeat.
    "Hey hey you you I don't like your girlfriend!"

      Pretty sure that was in Burnout 3, not Paradise. I could be mistaken though.

        It was in more than one Burnout game, i know it was in Dominator as well.

        Definitely Paradise. Along with Calling all Cars by Senses Fail :)

    DAMNIT. I bought a PS4. Just gonna hold out for more news on the spiritual successor.

    A new burnout game would be much better, Paradise was fantastic but I always felt the map could have been bigger, maybe due to restrictions of the hardware on last gen consoles, dunno.

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