Cyanide’s Latest Blood Bowl Spin-Off Is Everything You Don’t Want From Blood Bowl

Cyanide’s Latest Blood Bowl Spin-Off Is Everything You Don’t Want From Blood Bowl

Rather than rebuilding the interface of the original, or perhaps converting the sequel into something more trimmed for tablets and mobiles, Cyanide have spun the Games Workshop IP into something you don’t want.

Imagine Blood Bowl, but worse.

It’s called Blood Bowl: Kerrunch. (As in, the sound made when one player Ker-runch’s another onto the deck. Geddit?) It’s a mobile spin-off of the series that cuts down the 11 vs 11 top-down tactical action of the franchise into a lane-based, 5 vs 5 experience.

“Every match begins with a set-up phase, a test of intuition and cunning, in which the coach must study the opposition carefully and place his team wisely,” Cyanide told Pocket Gamer.

The developer added that “accuracy and timing are needed to score a ‘touchdown’ and avoid a ‘fumble’.”

Yes, Cyanide, because that’s exactly what Blood Bowl fans want from the long-running, Warhammer-esque turn-based tabletop franchise. Timing mini-games.

Nobody knows when the game will come out: hopefully someone will quietly intervene by shooting it into the sun. But it’s a reminder of just how hard the Warhammer franchise is being milked in the world of video games.

Things used to be so much better. The Dawn of War series was brilliant. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine was a surprise packet. And Space Hulk was rather enjoyable.

But not any more. Please, Total War: Warhammer. Save us. And if someone can give Relic a bit of cash to make Dawn of War 3, that’d be great too.


  • I thought this was a late and overly critical review of Blood Bowl 2 for a moment from the blurb. This game sounds pretty terrible.

    It’s true that Games Workshop has been very liberal with their licensing lately, but some great games have come of it over the years, as you mention. Space Marine is still one of my favourite third person action games, wish it was longer.

    Vermintide looks like it’s shaping up to be pretty good. Any chance of that getting an AU review when it comes out?

    • I’ve been playing the beta for Vermintide. It’s a really stellar game so far however it’s encountering a few server and stability issues. Probably one of the best Left 4 Dead style game to release in recent years and the melee combat is so satisfying. Also, if you enjoy a challenge, Vermintide is hard, even on normal difficulty.

      • Yeah, I watched a video of TotalBiscuit playing and it looked pretty challenging. Health pools were bouncing around like crazy. Looks great!

  • Dawn of War 3 that goes back to being like part 1 sure, but if it stays like part 2? No thanks.

    • The original Dawn of War was fantastic. The imperial guard expansion was great. The necron expansion was excellent. The sisters of battle expansion was meh. Dawn of War II was… a completely different experience, sadly.

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