Darth Vader, Being A Total Badass In Star Wars Battlefront

Darth Vader, Being a Total Badass In Star Wars Battlefront

Here's Darth Vader, single-handedly destroying a Rebel Snow Speeder by throwing his lightsaber into the air. Damn!

The moment comes from Muselk, who, funnily enough, had a few traumatic run-ins with Darth Vader earlier in the source (sponsored) video. Then Muselk becomes just Vader and pulls off the awesome moment in the GIF above around the 6:40 mark. There's also a good moment around the 4:25 mark, when a Stormtrooper seems to give up on life:

Man. Battlefront is gonna be a great source for kickass moments, isn't it?


    It's no surprise the rebels always lose, most of them are camping like that guy.

    Kickass moment, or beta bug?? I'm not a physicist, but I'm pretty sure you can't destroy a speeder with a lightsaber like that.. I mean..c'mon.... /sarcasm

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