Deadmau5 Loses Top Hardcore Diablo III Character Due To Server Issues

Deadmau5 Loses Top Hardcore Diablo III Character Due To Server Issues

Well this is how perma-death and Hardcore mode works in Diablo III. You’re not safe, even if you’re a famous electronic music producer with a very high ranked Demon Hunter. Whether it’s lag or bad luck, if your character dies, it’s gone forever.

Deadmau5 is known for his addiction to Diablo III. In fact it might be the only game he plays. He posts about it regularly and he even has an item in the game named after him. And his Demon Hunter was actually pretty high ranked on the Solo Hardcore leaderboards.

No surprise it made him a bit mad:

He was streaming

Losing a hardcore character sucks! But it happens. Roll a new one and better luck next time!


  • Yep, that sucks, but it’s always a risk with Hardcore chars which is why I pussy out and just play regular chars

    • I wouldn’t class it as a risk, I would class it as a certainty. Particularly in Australia, more so if playing on servers overseas, our internet is almost guaranteed to cause a “disconnected from server” at least once per game session, with multiple lag spikes thrown in, while everything else continues to work fine. I don’t even consider the server crapping out in my calculations, even though that happens often enough as well (eg where you can still chat to everyone in the game, but the game actions aren’t happening, or are only happening in one direction). A lot of the online servers run “background maintenance” in oceanic primetime that causes the server to completely stop responding for a couple of seconds.

      I’ve died so much in various games from lag or server related issues that I’ve never even bothered with “Hardcore” modes for online games.. it just sounds like a recipe for disaster =D

  • He’ll be fine, I’m sure Blizzard will just give him a new character. Just like Nissan gave him a Nyan Cat GTR.

    Yes I am jealous.

    • You know the whole story of the Nyan Cat GTR right? How Ferrari demanded he stop stuffing with the 458 so Nissan stepped up to the plate. Love it 😀

      • Hee..well there you go! Isn’t he into McLaren’s currently (and stuffing them up now too)? One things for sure, he LOVES blowing cashing on PC rigs, music equipment, tech gadgets and cars.

        • Yeah the Mclaren didn’t have the wrap. Still, props to Nissan for having a dig at the ‘Purarri’ fiasco when Ferrari sent the cease and desist haha.

      • Ferrari labours under this fantasy that their cars are primarily bought by sophisticated European aristocrats that drive them to Monaco on the way to their private yacht on the Riviera.

        It’s all rubbish of course. There’s probably more Ferraris belonging to cashed up petro-moguls in Dubai than there are in Nice or wherever.

  • How about an offline mode? Oh, that’s right, what was that lie they told again for needing an always online connection (even though the consoles have an offline mode)?

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