Dear Lord, The PS4 Has Stickers Now

Dear Lord, The PS4 Has Stickers Now

If you have ever thought to yourself, "Boy, the PS4 is great, I just wish it had stickers," then oh man do I have good news for you.

PS4 system update 3.00, which went live this morning, will finally add the one feature fans have been craving since the system launched in 2013: Stickers. Thanks to Sony's innovative new sticker-sending technology, you can send stickers from games like Uncharted and Knack to anyone on your friends list. There are only a few games to choose from right now — remember, technology moves slowly! — but it's safe to say that this $400 purchase has finally been justified.

Dear Lord, The PS4 Has Stickers Now

As of right now, the stickers do not move, nor do they talk. They stick.

Also the new system update boosts cloud storage, adds communities, tweaks the friends page, and allows players to stream on YouTube, among other new features. But, whatever. Stickers!


    I would say this is stupid. But give me some MGS V stickers and I'll be a happy camper.

      I'm sure they'll let you buy those stickers soon. It'll be just like custom avatars on the PS3.

    I'm not really clear on what these are. exactly. Are they just oversized emoticons that are only used in chat?

      Yeah, initially when I read the headline my first thought was, "Uh... I'm pretty sure stickers have existed for decades and you can buy as many as you like from all over the place and stick them on your PS4 anywhere you like? I still have some Emily Strange ones that I quite like and occasionally put on things that I don't mind turning tacky."

      But the wording of the article is making me think that this might be some sort of social media-related invention bullshit misappropriation of a word that already describes something, using it to describe something else that's utterly unrelated, and the language has evolved with the idiot youth 'cool kids' to pretty much only be used when referring to the new misappropriation rather than the original item.

    I hate the fact that we're forced to use the stickers...oh wait, we're not.

    Hmm, so we're worried about something Sony added which we can choose to use and will be fun for some and not useful for others.

    Ah internet, never a dull moment.

    Yay for more KotakuUS Snarkticles. Are these guys obligated to just take the piss out of everything or something? I mean sure stickers are hardly the most exciting thing ever, but c'mon.

      Seriously though, what the hell IS a sticker? My google fu is obviously weak because the first three pages (ie: 'up to the point of desperation') are all about PS4 decals (edit: Or links to this bloody article), but this stuff seems digital?

      Edit: Or, if I search 'what is a sticker?' without referencing the PS4, I get some results that indicate they're simply over-sized emoticons that can be charged for...

      Last edited 01/10/15 11:52 am

    EDIT: Double comment.

    Last edited 01/10/15 10:52 am

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