Destiny's Got Yet Another Hidden Weapon Today

Destiny's Got Yet Another Hidden Weapon Today

A couple of weeks ago, Destiny players took what seemed like the first steps toward uncovering yet another hidden weapon. Today, the rest of the path has been unveiled, and players can follow the path all the way to a new exotic gun.

As most of us suspected, the weapon in question is the pulse rifle No Time To Explain, an exotic version of the popular Stranger's Rifle from year one. Here's how to get it.

First of all, if you haven't already done so, you'll need to go find all the ghosts in today's daily story mission Paradox. We've already published a guide for that. Assuming you've already found the ghost shell and turned it in to the Future War Cult vendor in the Tower, if you go to Tower today, you should be able to get a new mission from her called "Not Forged In Light."

Destiny's Got Yet Another Hidden Weapon Today

Redditor IsThisIsALongEnuffName quickly completed the whole quest line and has helpfully posted the steps.

- Quest is called Not Forged In Light. You have to pledge allegiance to FWC and get reputation for them. You then need to go to Venus and kill a Taken Minotaur which will drop simulation core that you will need to shatter.

- I just shattered the Simulation Core and got a new quest. Need to speak to Lakshmi-2 at the Tower.

- Now you have to do the Vault of Glass and kill Atheon. Killing Atheon rewards you with an Eye that you need to shatter. Currently doing VoG on Normal Mode.

- Currently fighting Atheon. Just beat Atheon and got his Eye. I shattered it and got a new quest where I need to speak to Lakshmi again.

- Got a new quest on Earth,. Shadow at Twilight, must go in there alone. Recommended light level of 270. Need to collect a chest. Chest spawns in random random places

- New quest 'Blood of the Garden' on Mars. Recommend light level is 290. Holy hell that mission was ruthless. Minotaurs everywhere

Got it: No Time to Explain

First colum perks: Smooth Ballistics, Accurized Ballistics, and Smart Drift Control. Second colum is Full Auto. Third column is Speed Reload, Hand Loaded, and Fitted Stock. Last perk is Rewind Again

My Titan is already pledged to Future War Cult — I could imagine it'd be pretty annoying for your character to accept a different faction for a whole week just to get this gun. (That said, FWC has some pretty good gear. Things could be worse.)

Update: OK, I've finished the quest. It's not too bad; you'll want to bring a friend for the final mission, but it's definitely no Black Spindle Challenge. The second-to last step — the solo one — is a cool little diversion that changes things up in a nifty way. For the final step, you'll want to bring some void guns; you have to continually keep the boss's "anger" up while killing minions until it spawns, then DPS the boss while not getting shredded by all the other enemies. It's kind of a pain, but not too annoying if you bring a friend or two.

The gun itself seems mighty solid. It really is just an exotic version of The Stranger's Rifle. Given how often I still get killed by that thing in Crucible, that's not bad at all.


    This timelocked content is a bit of a bugger for those that miss out on being able to play certain days...not saying everything needs to be open to everyone, but there has to be a better system.

    As much as Bungie want us to grind 24x7, it ain't gonna happen...

      Why not just make it happen on the weekends? Most people would have more of a chance I would think.

      I was reading it like that too at first, as I understand it now though is when Kirk writes 'today' it means that you can now pick up the quests you weren't able to do before rather than ' get this gun today only'.

    Yeah the main issue is you can only get it if you do the Paradox mission as the daily heroic (which it is today and these always seem to be on tue\wed) so it's kind of locked to anyone who can't get on the day it happens to arrive.

    Not the end of the world to be sure, but would be nice to get them on the weekend once or twice.

    Last edited 21/10/15 12:07 pm

    Hmmm. Does your faction level with FWC have to be at a particular level in order to receive the quest, or is doing the Paradox Special Edition and collecting the ghosts enough...? My Warlock has 0 FWC as she's all about the Dead Orbit. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

    @os42? Busy tonight?

      Well, I was going to do my nightfalls... :P But hopefully will get this out of the way first.

      People are saying you need rep with FWC... and the datamined quest this relates to has a first step of "get 2000 rep with FWC"... so... balls. Looks like I'm doing this on my titan. No way in hell my monochromatic warlock or my red&white hunter are staining their hands with the rainbow cult. :P

      Last edited 21/10/15 1:25 pm

        Hmmm. Nightfalls first I guess! Warlock has 0 rep, Hunter has 105 rep on rank 0, and Titan is rank 7 with FWC.

        So guess I need to grab the titan, do Paradox again before reset with her... then fun with quest... wish I'd realised last night, I'd have done Paradox then. Might need to wait 'til next time round. Boo.

    @os42 @trikeabout
    If you want a third...
    Also, if it's anything like the other multi-step quests you probably just need to start the chain today, not do the whole thing.

      I'm guessing it's basically the same as the Sleeper quest - they seem to unlock the quests for qualifying characters in bulk. A friend had all DVALIN relics handed in, but didn't get around to First Firewall until a few days after it unlocked for everyone. And I assume the ghost shell is the trigger for this, so anyone who hasn't got it yet has until tonight's reset to get the prerequisite.

      Deliberately avoiding the wall of text above telling me the exact steps, as I feel I've been sufficiently spoiled by the datamined quest summaries, so not sure how difficult it'll be... we'll probably have 4-5 people going for this tonight, if I know my group, so feel free to jump in.

    So someone said if you collect the ghosts today, you can't get the gun until it come around again. The first round was collect the ghost a couple weeks ago, I missed that and did it today but I can't progress anymore.

    Ill say this again this is BS, who has time during life to do this shit on a Wednesday this is fucked.

    got the first ghost, then 2nd and 3d ghosts weren't there, apparently if you die they don't show. wish i had of known that beforehand (sigh)

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