DESYNC Mashes Bulletstorm, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon And Quake Into One Hypnotic Shooter

DESYNC Mashes Bulletstorm, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon And Quake Into One Hypnotic Shooter

It’s not due out until next year, but this explosion of neon on your screen might be the most interesting game Film Victoria has ever funded. Even if it is liable to give someone a seizure.

It’s gone off most people’s radar, despite being funded by Victorian taxpayers. It hasn’t generated much chatter on the internet, even though it’s caught the eye Adult Swim’s publishing label for video games.

Watch the below trailer, and ask yourself how this occurred — because every time I see the trailer, I can’t help but want to know more.

It’s called DESYNC. It combines the visual styling of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon with Quake’s movement and weaponry, along with the skill shots and high scores of Bulletstorm. Like the latter, you’ll perform special moves based on your movement and weapons, with the game rewarding you each time you discover a new sequence (and every time you chain sequences together).

The devs have even started up an artist Tumblr, although the screenshots there don’t look as sharp or optimised as what’s on the Greenlight page.

DESYNC also promises that enemies will react based on your previous movement and attack patterns, although how well that translates into reality is completely unknown. It’ll be necessary for the developers to make it work though: DESYNC is a single-player only shooter.

Another point in the Aussie project’s favour is also the soundtrack, designed by Daniel Deluxe. He’s got plenty of songs on his Soundcloud with some interesting genre tags: darkwave, horror synth, cybersynth, apocasynth (never heard this before), futurewave, desolatewave and something that’s just tagged Outrun.

As you’d expect, the Outrun track is pretty boss. But then again, everything originating from Outrun usually goes all right (to borrow an ocker phrase).

I could comfortably listen to this for the rest of the day.

Anyway, DESYNC is due out next year. There’s no playable demo yet and there is scant info available on the rest of the internet. I’ve hit up the developers — some of whom are avid Counter-Strike fans, intriguingly — to see if I can find out more about the game. If they get back in touch, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, keep an eye on Foregone’s Steam listing.


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