DESYNC: The Game That Dunks FPS In A Bucket Of Neon

DESYNC: The Game That Dunks FPS In A Bucket Of Neon

The first person shooter genre is enjoying a bit of a resurgence, which is a good sign for the three developers behind DESYNC — because in a world of objective-based, team shooters, they’re setting themselves a part with a touch of style.

Or, more accurately, a bucket of it. A bucket of neon, to be exact.

The second anyone watches or plays DESYNC, the first thing that comes to mind is People May Fly’s Bulletstorm, a single-player only FPS that focused on killing enemies in different and rewarding ways.

One of the developers told me that the main designer at The Foregone Syndicate didn’t actually realise the similarities with Bulletstorm initially, although in this case it actually works in DESYNC’s favour.

The idea’s very similar — you score points by destroying enemies quickly and in creative ways, using the multiple abilities of your weapons, the environment and your ability to one-tap dodge to rack up the highest score possible. It’s visually very similar to FRACT as well, and I spoke to Sean, the game’s lead designer, about how it all came about.

You can find out more about DESYNC from their website or via the Steam page. If you’re at PAX tomorrow or Sunday, you’ll be able to check out the game at the PAX Rising booth.


  • Really wanted to have a go of this, but it was pretty busy and I was crashing hard. Definitely looks cool.

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