Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Hits Consoles, Steam As Free Update

If you're been waiting for this to be re-released on consoles, or you're looking for another RPG to lose yourself in over Christmas, Larian Studios would like a word with you.

Today marks the launch for D:OS on consoles in the form of the Enhanced Edition, although the game has received a suite of improved effects, optimisations and tweaks that PC users will also benefit from.

If you bought D:OS on PC, you'll get the Enhanced Edition for free. It appears as a separate game in your Steam library, however, and your original save games won't carry over. You have been warned. If you're buying on console, it'll cost you $77.95 on the PlayStation store.


    There goes the next 80 hours of my game time... Bring it on, Tactician Mode!

    So this in my PC game pile of shame..... But looking at the new features it mentions a fully rewritten story. Was it a problem? Thought that was a positive from what I read.

      Same great story, with a few extra areas and longer side quests. They also said they changed a lot of dialogue to better convey the story to the player.

    Came out yesterday, Dippa :D

    Started it last night. Great fun!

      I actually paid $90 for that shiny, shiny tin case.

    Played the original , had no issues, as far as im concerned its a tighter game, with better visuals, now fully voice acted, more content etc, more tactical modes, just well more of everything.
    Its good you forgot about it, now you can play a game that was my 10/10 will now be 15/10

    Unless you're running Mac/Linux then you have to wait to December. Linux peeps should be particularly pissed as they haven't seen any version of it yet.. despite it being promised as part of their original Kickstarter. Its not a massive audience, I know, but geez.

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