Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Looks Bloody Smooth

I've been innately curious to see what Larian Studios would do with the console release of Divinity: Original Sin, hoping in the back of my mind that the improvements added in the Enhanced Edition would result in a Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls-esque situation. The prospect of playing and enjoying a hardcore cRPG on my couch, but with a controller, has a certain allure that I can't get away from.

Today, Larian pushed out a video showing some of the comparisons between the original D:OS and the Enhanced Edition — and it's looking pretty nifty on consoles.

Apart from the extended modes and graphical improvements, the game is now voiced from start to finish, party gold has been introduced, a party member can be set to automatically repair items for all your characters and a neat split-screen mode that pops up and retracts whenever players split away from each other.

You can see some footage of the radial dials as well, which is useful if you're wondering how to manage all of your spells, items and abilities with a controller.

The Enhanced Edition of Larian's acclaimed RPG launches on the 27th, but most likely early Wednesday our time. If you own the original on PC, you'll get the Enhanced Edition for free — but just remember it'll be listed as a separate game in your Steam library (like Company of Heroes) and your old saves won't cross over.


    This was one of my favourite games of last year. Really looking forward to diving back into it.

    Having installed the game until now I only played 30 minutes of it. Been putting it off for enhanced edition so I can be lazy and play with controller.

    Probably more likely to make time for this on console. In all fairness, the game was just fine... But my desk chair is a piece of shit.

    5 week delay on Mac, awwwww. I've actually already played the original but thinking about going back in again, one of my favourite games of last year. The environmental combat is just great.

    I ordered this on PS4 today, EB told me Tuesday.

    Also I'm getting a tin for paying Australia Tax.

    I'd like to get this for my PS4 but can't justify spending $85 on a game that I paid $40 for on steam over a year ago...

    Can anybody who has finished this on PC give me a rough idea of how many hours we're talking about?

      Likely 50-80hr, depending how much you decide to do. Theres a good chunk of gaming, for sure, and great all the way.
      edit; I guess it may even be a little longer if they have added or tweaked some quests. Looks like a whole new section to get through at the end of the game too, going off what was highlighted in the vid

      Last edited 23/10/15 9:29 am

      I put in 101hrs - and I loved every minute of it. I even sent an email to Larian to to say thank you for making such an awesome game, and they sent a personal reply too! They deserve your support

    Does anyone know if split screen will be available on PC? That'd be amazing.

    That guy is a champ. I would purchase just because of this reason.

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