Don’t Line Up For The Fallout 4 Booth At PAX This Weekend

Don’t Line Up For The Fallout 4 Booth At PAX This Weekend

Fallout 4 had a huge line for most of the day yesterday — and if past years are anything to go by, both Saturday and Sunday’s lines will be even bigger. Many fans may be hoping for a hands-on with the game, or even a peek at some never-before-seen gameplay footage. Many fans are going to be disappointed.

Even this close to the game’s release, just a bit over a week away, Bethesda has nothing new for its Australian fans. All you get inside the gigantic, mysterious Fallout ‘vault’ at PAX is a rehashing of the content you’ve already seen if you’ve watched their E3 presentation or any of the content on YouTube. In fact, to save you the time, here’s an approximation of how it all goes once you’re inside. Let’s start out with a cinematic trailer to build some hype:

Pretty! Listen to the music. Look at the dog. All cutting edge games have dogs. Next we go all the way back to the concept art trailer from E3. Whooo! Lets refresh our memories, I suppose?

From now we’re just taking a bit of a trip through Bethesda’s YouTube account. The combat controls are now more like a regular FPS, hooray! Honestly I have to give it to Bethesda that they’re great at making trailers — but couldn’t they maybe come up with something new?

“We’re very inspired by Minecraft.” Now you can build things! Note that you’re actually getting more content in this five minute video than you would from the much shorter excerpt that they actually showed in the presentation.

And that was about it. I suppose it was a pretty spot on vault simulation — stuck in a dim cube with people who haven’t bathed quite as often as they should have, watching content that you’ve already seen because there’s just nothing else to watch. Save yourself the time and don’t line up for Fallout 4 at Pax Aus this weekend.


  • What surprised me was how short the battleborn demo was. Wait 30 minutes for the people playing to finish it, then when my brother and I and the 3 we were paired with jumped in, we finished it in 5 minutes. Objective following is hard yo

  • The Uncharted 4 one isn’t much better, it’s the E3 video with about 2 minutes extra on the end. Was a short line yesterday though so if you’re really interested in seeing a tiny bit of new footage it’s not bad.

    • Sorry to break it to you friend, but today they set up a 5v5 multiplayer demo in the Uncharted 4 booth!

      • Whaaaaaaaat??!??!?
        Might have to try take another look in there tomorrow if the line isn’t too big – it seemed a hell of a lot bigger when I walked past today, guess that’s why 😛

  • Sounds like the EB Games 2015 booth. I timed my visit to that one so that I was hardly waiting in a que. If you are there for three days, you can pace yourself to do stuff like that.

    When I did get in, I was seriously underwhelmed, both by what was shown – pre-existing videos – and by the overall content in general. It just showed me everything I am growing to hate in Bethesda RPGs getting even worse. 🙁

  • Couldn’t agree more. Almost half the video they showed was literally the stream from their pre-E3 announcement event.

    Plus, all the staff (actors probably) there herding you into lines before escorting you into the ‘theatre’ were bored and couldn’t have been feigning interest in the game more if they tried.

  • The day 1 queue would have been better except that this is probably the worst organised PAX out of the 3 years it was run.
    The theater can hold 100 people yet the line was “capped” at approximately 25. When a mate and I tried to join the queue early on Friday we were, quite rudely, told to go away, there was not room.
    We did a lap, came back to the booth only to find the enforcers extending the queue line to hold about 200.
    Put such a bad image across.

  • I argue the best part of PAX Aus would be The Division, and being able to play it. It’s still a few months away, and they’ve made it available to everyone to play. 2 games. 9 people. 3 fireteams of 3 with a mentor to help you through it. It’s a lot of fun, and I probably enjoyed that most game-wise.

    • yeah I loved that demo, AND we actually got the evac 🙂 go team.

      Can’t wait for it’s release 🙂

  • I wish there had been a similar warning about the Super Mario Maker panel. Nothing against the Nintendo team, who had obviously prepared and tried to make the challenge dynamic and interesting.

    Unfortunately, it was clear from the beginning that nobody at Nooo. Had played a Super Mario Maker or even a Mario game at that. The game critic team was no better. None of the 6 people on the panel had practiced or prepared in any way, which made for a boring, un-funny hour. If you’d known for weeks you were going to be on this panel, wouldn’t you have at least made an effort to learn the game in question? The result was embarrassing really.

    These people were so bad at it that the Nintendo rep had to keep moving Mario forward during their playthroughs, despite the overall simplicity of what the panels had ‘created’.

    A real pity, especially as a Nintendo fan because I thought the panel had real potential.

    On another note, the Deus Ex let’s play with Warren Spector was awesome!

    • I’d caught every warren spector panel while there so i walked out half way during his lets play since i was hearing repeats of stuff he had already said + i watched his lets play a few weeks ago at another convention. Agree it was awesome though 🙂

      • Kicking myself that I missed his keynote, but I think he clearly had one thing to say and he did that: ‘There’s room in the industry for big, pretty, big budget games. There’s room for good games too’.

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