Down And Out, This Player Makes A Remarkable Comeback

Counter-Strike fans might know a thing or two about yelling, but pound for pound they're no more fierce than the fighting game community. Many of those fans have been around for decades — quite literally — and as you'd expect, they've seen an awful lot.

The Southern California regionals is a must on the annual FGC calendar, and it occupied the Ontario Convention Centre this weekend past. But during the Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament, one player pulled off an absolutely ridiculous comeback.

It was a battle of the grapplers: Snake Eyez, playing as Zangief, and Nando, sporting the hyperactive wrestling chef El Fuerte. Both had progressed a decent distance through the tournament, although in their set Nando found himself significantly on the back foot.

In the third round, Snake Eyez had managed to wipe out almost the entirety of Nando's life without taking anything beyond chip damage. Nando was in deep trouble: it was the first round of the elimination stage, and one more hit would put him into the lower bracket.

What followed was a sensational string of reads that saw the diminutive El Fuerte body slam, suplex and crush Zangief over and over, which you can witness below.

Nando ended up belying his seed and ended up finishing in the top 12, although Snake Eyez had the last laugh: he went on a five game winning streak to finish 5th-6th.



    Where's the video link?

      It's only viewable if you're a subscriber to Capcom's Twitch Pro Tour channel.

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