EB Expo 2015 In Pictures

Conventions are screaming for people to take lots of pretty pictures, so that's exactly what I did.

I was only at EB Expo on the Friday, incidentally (and if you rocked up on the Sunday, tolerating the crowds flooding in for the NRL Grand Final, you have my deepest respect). So if there was any cosplay or interesting happenings that you have from the show over the weekend, share in the comments!

But otherwise here are some of the ones I took that came out all right. For those interested, everything was captured with a Canon 7D using a Sigma 35mm f/1.4 prime lens. I've got a 24-70mm Canon L lens (first gen) at home, but the 7D's body is already insanely heavy and adding the 24-70mm to it makes my wrists feel like An Old Man after 30 minutes.

For those who went along: what were your favourite moments of the event?


    Ah, lovely pictures. Kinda annoyed I didn't get to go this year; I went the previous two years and they were amazing.

    I had a great time. I was there the whole conference time.

    The best game I played over the weekend was one most people did not even know existed. Project Zero, the sequel to the old horror franchise on the Wii U, was hiding away at the back of the Nintendo booth. They just have the atmosphere so right, and the controls so spot on. Using the gamepad for the screenshots is awesome, as you can rotate the controller to change the shot into a portrait mode. It just works so well, and the plot and style reminded me a lot of the original PS2 game, which is a great thing. A truly dark game, but one that has a whole lot of promise behind it.

    It's just it's a shame that almost no one knew about it. When I told others about it, and said it was in the "secret Nintendo section" most people were stunned that such a spot existed. It wasn't really secret, but it was not immediately obvious. Hiding behind the bright Animal Crossing display was were it was, but it could be easy to overlook as it looked a bit like a tech support section for the booth not open to the public. :-S

    EB Games were also relatively quiet in advertising Project Zero. It is launching this month, and there is a special edition available to order, but it was not mentioned in their catalogue of pre-ordering stuff at the show. I just fear this game may disappear due to no one knowing about it.

    The other major highlight would have been Guitar Hero Live. I'm a huge fan of rhythm or dance games, and that and Rock Band are finally making a come back after so many years. Rock band was solid, but it was kind of the same as before but with tougher controllers and a higher screen resolution.

    GHL, even though they had a lot less songs - about 7 for their demo compared to at least 50 with RB - had better songs and a better controller. The new guitar with it's upper and lower buttons really changes the way you play and makes for an experience closer to playing the real thing, with your hand closer to chord shapes at higher difficulty levels. They also had a bigger and better booth, with fastest lines, a chance to battle in public to get some free, working sunglasses, and a chance to have your photo taken on a green screen while you rock out. It was just the better of the two games.

    Other highlights include talking to the Australian Indie Developers, assembling parts for the WB Lego mural, the free secret DDR machine, and the Umbilical Brothers live show. It was a lot of fun overall. Very tiring, where I had an average of 4 hours sleep a night for 4 nights, but a whole lot of fun. :-)

    Interesting show, but I was just so disappointed in Star Wars Battlefront. It's so bland and feels so generic. Strip away the SW license and it's a very boring shooter

    I took my kids last year, as a 35yr old father of three (though long time gamer) I was afraid of the local wildlife and now understand why I think my young bro in law is weird. Turns out he's kinda regular.

    Thanks for posting 3 photos from our Sydney Brick Show Lego display. We loved being part of EB Games EXPO in 2015 and hope to be back next year with a bunch more video game and pop culture related Lego creations :-)


    That defense force recruiting booth left me feeling find of gross. 'Hey kids after you finish playing the new call of duty join the defense force and experience all the thrills of video games for real !

    Nice photos.
    Good effort considering how dark it was in there.
    Just look how razor thin the DOF is on that last lego photo

      That's the beauty (and saving grace) of having a f/1.4 lens! Lighting at conventions is almost always bloody awful.

    hey guys, ODST here, love that shot of me.. is there a way i could get a high quality copy of it?

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