8 Players Who Killed It In The Star Wars Battlefront Beta

Eight Players Who Killed It In The Star Wars Battlefront Beta

Savage snipes. Clutch kills. Close calls. The Star Wars Battlefront beta produces many awesome moments that players are capturing on video, and they are a delight to watch. Here are some of my favourite picks.

The player who destroyed a Tie Fighter with a grenade

Nice going, Len Kagamine.

The Player Who Sniped An A-Wing

Credit to AzzyTheMLGPro

The Player Who Landed A 360-No-Scope

Bapix might have the first ever Battlefront trickshot here. Start the video around the 22-second mark if you want to skip the intro here.

The Player Who Crashed An X-Wing Into Darth Vader

Whatever gets the job done, AnySPIDERPIG.

The Players Who Destroyed The Tie Fighter Right In The Nick of Time

That was a close one, HalfPastSundown.

The Hotshot That Destroyed Both AT-ATs And Saved The Day

OK, this is pretty incredible, TheHumanFly. It's rare to see the rebels destroy ONE AT-AT in the beta, nevermind actually win the match.

The Player Who Sniped A TIE Fighter

You're a crack shot, flyingninja745.

The Player Who Killed Darth Vader ASAP

What a hilarious moment, One Hat Pat.


    Darth vader kill cracked me up

      Yeah that was awesome! I'm still laughing.

    Haha Vehicles OP, plz nerf EA =P

    The Battlefront beta has been very fun, may play a bit more later today. It's a shame it's only for 4 days !

    This Luke Skywalker kill is pretty great!


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    Thinking about Chaboyy's reaction to Azzy's shot...

    I'm glad i downloaded it - it means I'll save myself $100 by not buying it. I was hoping for much more than COD with a SW skin but the beta confirmed my worst fears. Can understand why people like it but not for me, was over that kind of game years ago.

    Will patiently wait for a proper star wars game that looks as beautiful as battlefront.

      Yeah good idea.
      Save your money for blops3 instead.


        Not sure you understood my comment... i'm over games like CoD, and i felt like Battlefront was merely CoD (or probably more accurately Battlefield) with a Star Wars skin.

          Have to agree, and not having a dig at you at all, I just wonder what type of game you would like to play in the "Star Wars" universe? First Person Shooters seem to be selling so well nowadays that the thought of trying to market any other genre has gone into the "too hard basket".

            I was hoping for a more missions based game, like the old Shadows of the Empire on the 64, not so much a FPS where u just run around and shoot eachother (which is exactly all i got out of the hour or so i played of the beta). Oh well.

      Your "fears" are what everyone has been waiting for, and it's finally arrived !

        Everyone under the age of 14?


          Battlefront 1 and 2 were essentially Battlefield reskinned for SW, this one is exactly the same so it's not really a surprise it is what it is. Not sure what you expected but it's exactly as advertised, sorry to disappoint.

            Yeah you're right, i just hoped for more that's all.

              I get it though, it's pretty manic teenage FPS Battlefield action which I would normally not be into. I'm happy to make an exception for Battlefront though.

      I was pretty underwhelmed by it. I also ran into quiet a few gamebreaking bugs.

      Poor balance aside, it just felt kind of shallow.

      I might buy it on sale well into the future, but I didn't think it was worth a purchase at full price.

    I managed to kill a tiefighter with a thermal detonator myself. Tho it was a fluke, Was throwing it at a stormtrooper and a low flying tiefighter managed to intercept it. Came out of nowhere and made me laugh my arse off. Too bad I wasn't running shadowplay at the time.

    you forgot about the darth vader getting crushed with an at-at kill

    Why is the guy amazed that he took down the AT-ATs with a tow cable, that's the normal way, never played Shadows of the Empire I guess.

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      If you get shot at while cabling it becomes exceptionally hard to balance the speeder long enough to finish.

    I spent all weekend playing the beta on PS4 and loved every minute of it. Third person is the way to go. I don't understand the hate for this. It is the best Star Wars has ever looked on a console or PC and the graphics and sounds are amazing. Good solid fun!

    Walker Assault was great, you could zone out and pretend to be in the thick of the battle. I know it was early days but I thought the balancing was fine. It is supposed to be hard for the rebels, but if more people played the objectives like capture and defend the uplinks, kept their supers for the AT-ATs things would be a lot closer.

    As someone who remembers queuing up to watch The Empire Strikes Back in the cinema as a kid, this is exactly what I wanted from this. Look forward to playing the full game.

      This - the Rebels are really the attacking team - they have to turn on the Uplinks (MCOMs/CPs) in each stage and then hold them to win - with AT ATs and especially AT-STs the Empire outmatched them - which feels right for Star Wars

    My best game is 105-1 on ps4 anybody know the best so far?

    I was quite proud of this moment: https://youtu.be/sWXAjocXSnE

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