Everything You Missed From Sony's Early Morning Press Conference

At 4am this morning you were probably snoozing it up in your comfortable beds, but in Paris Sony was in the process of announcing a bunch of new video games. Here's what you missed.

No Man's Sky Will Be Released In June 2016 A bit later than you might have expected.

David Cage Is Bringing Back Project Kara In Detroit This game is about the most David Cage thing I've ever seen.

This Is How Media Molecule's New Game Actually Plays I still feel like I have no idea how this game is going to work.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Has Robot Dinosaurs You Can Fight This game looks really spectacular.

Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood Will Be On PlayStation VR Next Year Spooky.

Uncharted 4's Multiplayer Goes All Supernatural Never gotten into Uncharted multiplayer, but this looks fun.

Travel The Galaxy, Meet New Creatures And Shoot Them in No Man's Sky June 2016 can't come quick enough.

Instead Of Valentine's Chocolates, Get Street Fighter V Street Fighter V has a release date.

In general, there was also a lot of PlayStation VR talk. I was expecting pricing and a release date, but it wasn't to be. But stay tuned: we got a chance to preview PlayStation VR and we'll have a video up about the experience later today.


    The highlights for the kids was Ratchet & Clank and Wonderlust, Wild looked interesting, Drive Club Bikes looked very cool, and the Gran Turismo Sport going open beta early next year was also exciting. Sony's VR lineup has me excited about VR again, after going cold on it. It looks like Sony understands that it is a different way to experience things and that games need to be VR designed from the ground up.
    All up, I think the lineup for 2016 looks like I will want more stuff than I will be able to afford.

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      I'm really excited about VR, but the biggest issue is, I tried the Occulus Rift and lasted about a minute before I got motion sick. I know the OR's resolution is crap and it was the original version, but I'm still really worried that I'd fork out hundreds for something I can't use...I guess I could just play with a bucket in front of me.

      The PS4 line up is looking fantastic, 2016 is going to be an amazing year.

        My wife got really motion-sick on the DK1, was way less an issue for her on the DK2, and we were lucky enough to try the Sony model earlier this year, and she didn't experience motion sickness at all.
        I think the type of game, and latency are key issues here, so it will be worth you trying the new breed of HMDs when they come out, it may not be a problem for you any more.

          That is fantastic to hear, I'd love that to be the case for me as well. There is so much potential in the VR tech, I'd love to be able to use it for myself...just not with horror games.

          Out of curiousity, how does your wife fair on the motion sickness scale normally? Mine basically can't play any first person games, and sometimes not even third person if the camera is too crazy. Do you have any insight into how she might fair with VR based on your wife?

    DriveClub Bikes was also announced and is on the Playstation Store right now.

      Just noticed that, it's around $22 for people who already own Driveclub. Am interested in checking it out, but I'd like to see some more gameplay and impressions first.

    I have to say that for the first time since the PS2, I want to get a playstation. Good job!

    You missed the Gran Turismo part. That was pretty big. They even brought out the original creator from Japan and notebook translator dude to announce it! :-D

    Also, although no video was shown, just the name announced, but Tekken 7 is coming to PS VR. I just can't think how that will work though. First person or fixed third person would just make a vomit comet. :-\

    Wild got a lot of screen time. It looked stale and boring to me. It needed a decent UI and writer for me to even begin considering it. :-S

    Wild has so much promise. The more detail that leak about this game the more excited I am.

    I want to be king of the rabbits!

    Aliennation also appeared on the psn store today. If it's as good as dead nation I want it

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