Exploring The Layers Of Dark Souls Through Fan Art

Dark Souls is an incredible video game, but the community that has sprung up around the series is equally as incredible. From Software's meticulous world-building and commitment to detail has inspired this community to make some spectacular art and this well-made video explores that.

It was produced by Australia's VaatiVidya, the premier Dark Souls lore expert and it seems like a real labour of love of him. Vaati has used and supported many of the great Dark Souls fan artists and this is his tribute to them.

It's 18 minutes long — a hefty watch even by VaatiVidya standards — but it's well produced and features interviews with some truly interesting artists.

My favourite section, the interview with the man who created this:

A piece of art I loved so much I bought a print and hung it in my house.

It was particularly interesting to hear from him, especially since he name drops Kotaku and how the attention he got from our post helped motivate him to finish the piece.

It's a great watch, well worth the time.


    Yep got this print framed and hung in my house too :D

    Mark - Where can we get that artwork? It must go in my new media room...

      nvm found it

        link for the lazy ones please :)

          Here you go:


        Yeah link would be great. Not just for me but for the artist too.

    Great video, thanks for the print link! Probably my favourite piece of fan made anything

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