Fallout 4 Has A Fancy Live Action Trailer

I'm not a fan of live action trailers.

But this is Fallout 4. It's different.

Actually, the cool thing about this live-action trailer is how close it looks to the game itself. There are moments when it could pass for the game itself. Almost.

I'd rather see more of the game itself, obviously. But this will do for now!


    Fallout TV Series on HBO please!

      Nah, Fallout TV series on Fox, directed by Joss Whedon.

      Cancelled by episode 4.

        now why on earth would you go and say that. imma gunna go cry in the corner now

          So when is season 2 of Firefly coming out? I keep seeing people talking about it but I haven't found a date yet.

            Turns out, someone could take the sky from them

          Its okay, he was just hitting out...how about a kickstarter to fund a three hour pilot? We need a bunker, a fifties town...ten million dollar budget?

      If it was adapted into a TV show the produces would centre it around a love triangle between the main characters making it shit.

    How good does Dogmeat look?
    DLC for Blue Heeler companion please!!!

      Fairly certain I recall reading that it actually is not Dogmeat, nor is it supposed to be but apparently, he might feature throughout the game.

        It's dogmeat. Todd howard confirmed this in one of the interviews

          Dogmeat is a name, a reference. Unless Dogmeat can change breed and fly back and forth across America and time it cannot BE Dogmeat absolutely, but can be another dog named so.

            Correct. That's what I meant. Thank you

              People noticed that in one part of the trailer the dogs name shows as "dog" and then Dogmeat later on. This has led to a theory you can name him/her.

              I really hope that is the case.

            I'm hoping someone gets around to actually modding Blood into the game. Bonus points if he speaks.

            Well hypothetically, what if Todd Howard wants to re-create Dogmeat figure entirely? Instead of Australian cattle dog, they change it to German Shepard to give more of a bigger, tougher looks... It could be that. Or maybe you're right, it might not be Dogmeat. We'll find out when the game is out.

            Last edited 19/10/15 7:12 am

        Double dog companion!

        Just me wandering the wastes with two smart, loyal, adorable attack dogs... Gonna call GOTY right now.


    Why do I not have this NOW?!


    24Days 15Hours 14Minutes 15Seconds (give or take)

    My body (and three days off work) is ready

      24Days 15Hours 14Minutes 15Seconds (give or take)
      But who's counting right? :P

    Seems we have a pretty loose interpretation of 'live action' here - seemed almost entirely CG (if not entirely CG)

    Anyway, hype = real. 25 days and counting

      Yeah... I was 100% sure this was just a CG trailer :|

      Looks to be half and half. The guy, dog and environments are all definitely live action.

      The radroaches, mutants, robots and power armor look CG.

        Pretty sure almost all of the environments are CG

          Yeah, looks like a lot of stuff has been added like the crumbling overpasses and such. I dunno, I'm just in love with it hahaha.

            Same here - I love it too. I just think its a stretch to call it live action when it seems its just the dog and guy are the live parts

      All I can I think when you people keep saying live action is Turtle Man.

    Already informed the Mrs that on November 10 and a period thereafter, she comes second...

      My missus and I have both decided that we won't be sharing a copy. 2 Steam versions on day 1. Although she says she's going to wait for a few weeks for most of the worst bugs to be patched.

      I'll be there day one, bugs and all.

    So much hype for this. Although my 3 week old son might not let me play for years

      Where there's a will, there's a way. I assure you.

    I don't mind live-action trailers, as long as there is gameplay footage to boot.

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