Fans Keep Working On Cancelled Strategy Game

Fans Keep Working On Cancelled Strategy Game

Last year, Double-Fine pulled the plug on their game Spacebase DF-9. Which was a shame, because the game they were building — The Sims vs Theme Hospital in space — was shaping up to be pretty good! Never fear: fans have stepped in and continued work on the game in Double-Fine's absence.

The "Derelict Games restoration team" have released their first fan-made update to the cancelled project, and it looks...well, like something Double-Fine would have done if they'd kept working on Spacebase. In addition to bug fixes, there are new objects for the station, new events, new jobs for your spacefolk and even the ability to form defenders into squads and order them around together, something sorely missing from the original release.

You can read up on the full list of changes here, and if you've got Spacebase you can download the update here.

(via CecilRousso @ NeoGAF)


    Ummm no it wasnt shaping up well. It never found a fun core gameplay mechanic and lacked any personality or distinctiveness that could flavor a game set in vast emptyness of deep space. Colision bugs and readability issues plagued it for its whole 1 year development cycle. Some bugs where quite amusing like how a barman dispensing meals would stop doing so because he was starving to death giving other people meals.

    If we want to go with your analagy it was like theme hospital with only 3 diseases and no personality to the doctors. I will aviod trying to go deeper by attaching the other problems to the metaphor but I could go on.

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