Firewatch, The Gorgeous-Looking Debut From Campo Santo, Now Has A Release Date

Firewatch, the gorgeous-looking debut from Campo Santo, now has a release date: February 9. It will hit on PC, Mac, Linux, and PlayStation 4 at the same time.

Check out the trailer from E3 below.


    Sooo keen for this, right up there with The Division (if it ever actually comes out... feels like it's been forever...)

    This totally made my morning :)
    Between Life is Strange ep5, Fallout 4 and Firewatch my summer is gonna be sooo goooodd

    Sooooo I assume because of what looks like a heavy story driven game with no real gameplay other than exploration... The choice to basically spoil everything at the start of the trailer seems stupid.

    "So yeah, we're cut off", "You think you'll take to it?" "The isolation gets to people"... so I'm just going to assume you're making the chicks voice up in your head and you're the one going crazy cutting the wires, killing the two missing girls...

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