First Look At The New Macross Anime 

First Look at the New Macross Anime

Hey! There's a new Macross anime. It's called Macross Delta. There are things you expect — such as Valkyries — but some bits look kind of unusual. You know, like the castle and the fancy outfits.

Below, is the anime's debut trailer:

Macross Delta is set in the year 2067 and marks the start of a "new Macross history." The studio Satelight is handling the animation.

The show will get a special episode on New Year's Eve in Japan. Look forward to seeing more in 2016. Expect it!


    What's the bet that the idol group will have equal if not more airtime than the Valkyrie pilots.

      Macross 7 with an Idol group instead of a socially dysfunctional rock group?

    I saw the gif, I read the title and then I made a double take when I realised it said Macross and not Gundam.

    Yes but if Harmony Gold are still parking the License nobody outside of Japan can see it.

    Would love to know more about that particular issue.

    Also looked like the Idols had their own Jets so who knows about 50/50 air time.

      If only Bandai was smart enough to do what they are doing with Gundam and put it up on YouTube with subtitles after the Japan broadcast

        I think the licensing thing is more complicated than that.

        I know Harmony Gold have the License on the original stuff and the option for everything after (with which they've done nothing) so nobody else can release it because they don't want to.

          If only Bandai had some balls

            Legally binding contracts are legally binding it doesn't matter how much chutzpah you have.

    Harmony Gold can suck it! I'm not a CEO of a major corporation or anything. I don't understand the politics of running a *cough* REAL ESTATE CORPORATION (yeah, go figure). But it seems pretty simple to me...

    If I were Harmony Gold, and still continued to hold dominion over part of this franchise... Why not loosen the grip just a little bit, and allow the property to spread its wings outside of Japan? It's obvious that it's hugely popular. And hey, since I'm part owner, let's say I ask for I dunno, 5-10% in royalties?

    They (Harmony Gold) would stand to make a lot more money on it that way. I mean, we get it over here in the 'States anyway. We find a way. I'd be happy to buy it off the shelf. If only it were available...

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