Getting Anime Aircraft To Fly In Real Life Is Difficult

Getting Anime Aircraft To Fly in Real Life Is Difficult

Video: In the anime Macross, Valkyries are fighter craft that can turn into mecha. Forget the transforming bit for a moment, because some Macross superfans just wanted to see if they could build RC Valkyries and get them airborn.

Here, you can see the incredible hard work that went into building VR-1 Valkyries and then seeing if they could fly. This clip is quite heartwarming in the geekiest way possible!


    yep... the theme song just entered my head again... MA KU ROSS~

    Always loved the design of the VF-1 and I'm honestly not surprised that it flies well - it's very similar to the basic design of the F-14,

      Yep loved watching this - but did wonder why they wouldn't have started with an F-14 kit and then just painted it, but having said that it would've been all the more sweet to see those babies fly :)

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