Good Things Happen When Dragon Quest Meets Dynasty Warriors

Good Things Happen When Dragon Quest Meets Dynasty Warriors

I was so focused in bringing you nice people some gameplay footage of Dragon Quest Heroes: Long Subtitle that I wasn't paying attention to the health bar of the objective I was protecting. I failed, but I failed for you.

From Omega Force, the developer behind Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U comes another slick and polished licensed Dynasty Warriors variant that far outshines anything the original series has to offer. As much as I adore mindlessly slaughtering endless Asian historical figures, Omega Force really brings its A-game when working on other people's intellectual property. Just look at this shiny thing.

Coming to the PlayStation 4 tomorrow, Dragon Quest Heroes: And Stuff tells the story of a world where monsters and humans exist in peaceeful harmony, until one day they don't. It's up to the player and a collection of beloved characters from a series I'm honestly not all that familiar with to save the day.

I've not played much Dragon Quest, to be honest. I love Akira Toriyama's character designs in an action game, but not so much in a straight-up role-playing game (see: Blue Dragon).

Perhaps this Dragon Quest action game will change my mind, once I stop talking to you folks and start paying attention to the action. We shall see.


    Tomorrow? But all the release date stuff I see says the 16th.

    I'm going to get this regardless as I've pretty much owned every "x Warriors" game since Dynasty Warriors 3, but I recently read that Dragon Quest Heroes lacks any multiplayer at all which kinda irks me.

      I've played since DW3 as well! I haven't played multiplayer since DW5: Empires so it's not a loss for me. My friends hate the series with a passion. =(

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