Great Scott! These Back To The Future Cosplays Are Amazing

If you've been anywhere near the internet, you know that today is Back To The Future Day — the exact date that Marty and Doc Brown time-travelled to in Back To The Future II. That's right, the future is here, and some people are just a little more excited about that fact than the rest of us, recreating the future-present with amazing accuracy. So here's a handful of the best Back To The Future cosplayers — I mean, people dressed in regular, everyday 2015 fashion styles, right?

Lead image: SmilesAreBetter Cosplay by Brett Woolgar Photography

Damefatale by David Lucceshi Photography

SmilesAreBetter Cosplay and General Glue by Some Random Photography

SmilesAreBetter Cosplay by Mumei

Photo by WeNeals Photography

HyperShadow Cosplay by Jason DeSomer Photography

Did we miss any other time travelling cosplayers? Let us know in the comments!


    The Marty in the last two just look like Kate Bush in the Cloudbusting video with Donald Sutherland.

    Wow, makes my silly Marty McFly and Doc Brown cosplays to shame. Oh well, I still had fun making my hoverboard!
    Link to me and my partner with Claudia Wells

    Link to 2 different Mcflys that I did. Standard and Zombie

    Last edited 21/10/15 7:24 pm

    Marty and Doc from 2015 :)

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