GTA 5 Hulk Mod Is Better Than Actual Hulk Games

GTA 5 Hulk Mod is Better Than Actual Hulk Games

You can keep your Batmans and your Deadpools: I want another Hulk game. He doesn't need the dark, emotional veneer that's been painted over Batman, just a big city to leap over and smash into rubble.

This post originally appeared on Kotaku UK.

We've been starved of good Hulk games since Ultimate Destruction from 2005, but one enterprising modder has worked to get Marvel's big green hunk into GTA 5. It's clunky but awesome (sort of like The Hulk himself, no?).

JulioNIB's Hulk Script mod does an awesome job of giving you Hulk-like powers. You can leap over buildings, punch people a good 15 metres, tear up lamp posts and swing them at the people of Los Santos. Best of all is the ground-pound. It looks excellent in GTA 5, blasting out a wave of dust and rubble.

With the size of Los Santos and all the systems of fleeing civilians and escalating police, it makes for a Hulk game that's more complex, reactive, and looks better than actual Hulk games.

If you want to wreak destruction on Rockstar's city, you can download The Hulk Script for yourself.

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This post originally appeared on Kotaku UK, bringing you original reporting, game culture and humour from the British isles.


    i would have so much fun with this

    Man this actually looks amazing - not sure whether he can clean up the Hulk model, but it's pretty cool.

      True. I'm guessing either this is the model for ps2 hulk game, or from the incredible hulk movie (2nd one)...

    This and the mini Hulkbuster mod are two that I absolutely must try.

    Trying to make better sense of the install instructions though. A bit confusing.

    Weren't the two Prototype games pretty good Hulk games too? Their combat system was essentially a superset of Ultimate Destruction's.

    JulioNIB are one of the greatest GTA modders starting from San Andreas, IV and V. All his script mods are the best tho so as his rendering models.

    lo! pretty good! They just need to make him a wee bit taller ...

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