Guy Builds Actual Handheld Railgun

Guy Builds Actual Handheld Railgun

Railguns are an actual real thing, but for most people, they're just a killer gun they used a lot in Quake. Which might explain why this guy went out and built himself a working, handheld version of the experimental weapon.

NSA_Listbot's 3D-printed gun (above) can blast out pieces of copper-plated tungsten (below) at around 220 miles per hour.

Guy Builds Actual Handheld Railgun

Here's what it looks like firing. Note the description: "I have no idea what happened to that piece of carbon- probably just vaporized."

Disregard how flimsy and unfinished that top image is, too. Here's the finished product, painted and with accessories included. Badass.

Guy Builds Actual Handheld Railgun

You can see more pics, gifs and videos of the weapon in action in this gallery.


    Next thing you know, Xaero will be using it to snipe you from across the map.

    Seriously, fuck that guy.

      Lol :P

        I told the story on here a while back of how I snapped my Quake 3 Arena disk in half after going 9-9 with Xaero on Nightmare difficulty and him getting a bullshit railgun snipe from across the map to seal the match.

        No, I don't remember it vividly after all these years... *sniffle*

        Last edited 23/10/15 8:01 am

    Quake didn't have a rail gun you effin n00b.

    You're thinking of Quake 2 onwards.

      I'm pretty sure Luke's talking about Quake collectively, as the series, not Quake 1 specifically.

      Most references of the original Quake usually go back to Quakeworld, at least in the contexts that I've seen them. But I live in weird parts of the internet.

      This is unnecessary.

      Don't be so damn hostile. Jesus, man.

    just needs to add the after shot light trail

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